PRS SE Custom 24: Tremolo or Mounting Screws Replacements

Nathan Shane

New Member
Aug 14, 2023
Dallas, TX.
Greetings all, I’ve searched the forum and online and haven’t really found the answers I need. I recently purchased a new PRS SE Custom 24 from Sweetwater. As with most every SE I’ve purchased, there are always minor hardware quality issues which can be upgraded with better made hardware. For example, I mistakenly ordered some PRS Gen3 Tremolo Mounting Screws but was completely blown away by the design and machining. The Gen3 screws are as absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, they’re not compatible with SE tremolos (but gosh I wish they were)!!!

So here’s what I’m looking for:

1) Higher quality tremolo mounting/pivot screws (preferably machined and not molded, and keep the factory tremolo).
2) Install a higher quality tremolo/bridge replacement (one that is better but not super expensive).

Online I’ve found the MannMade “machined” tremolo screws, which look to be far better quality than PRS factory. But I’m leaning more in the direction of a higher quality drop-in replacement tremolo/bridge…but I’m not sure what replacements are worth considering. Could y’all please help me out with your ideas and suggestions.
Sounds like a winner to me…once I read online that John directly took an active role alongside Paul in the early days of PRS, he’s “The Mann” man!