1. N

    PRS SE Custom 24: Tremolo or Mounting Screws Replacements

    Greetings all, I’ve searched the forum and online and haven’t really found the answers I need. I recently purchased a new PRS SE Custom 24 from Sweetwater. As with most every SE I’ve purchased, there are always minor hardware quality issues which can be upgraded with better made hardware. For...
  2. N

    PRS SE Swamp Ash (Quality Control Issues)

    Greetings all PRS’ers, I don’t know if it’s luck of the draw or what…but I ordered a SE Swamp Ash (Iris Blue) Tuesday of last week from zZounds and actually received the guitar this past Saturday. I decided I’m keeping this specific guitar because I don’t want to get into a cycle of...
  3. S

    The bar on my Custom 24 sits way lower than that of my CE24

    I have a 2017 Custom 24 and a 1991 CE24. The Custom has the current bridge, while the CE has the original, one piece plate and block bridge. The CE bridge has recently been serviced by mr Mann himself, so it's in top shape. Now, as per title, the bar on the Custom sits WAY lower than that on...
  4. RickF

    Tarnished bridge post on brand new SE Hollowbody II Piezo

    Hello All! I have a brand new PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo. This is an OUTSTANDING instrument. With that said, my upper nickel bridge screw (where my hand rests) is already starting to tarnish. This seems quite quick for this to happen. I have owned the instrument a little less than a month and...
  5. stankbank

    Tuning stability - E/A/D

    With my new S2 Custom 24, the whammy works great. The high E/B/G strings seem to stay in tune totally fine but the E/A/D seem to go sharp every time. I am using 10-46, the strings seem to fit wonderfully in the nut slots. I also use Tri-Flow and big bends nut sauce on the saddles and nut slots...
  6. G

    PRS SE One Wraparound Mismatch Radius - HELP!

    Hi! I have a PRS SE One, my guitar tech changed its radius to 12 and installed Jescar 57110 frets. Now the problem is that the radius of its wraparound bridge is 10. And it is not easy to change its radius without causing problems with strings slipping in the grooves and making noises. So, I...
  7. F

    McCarty choked strings - new bridge?

    I have a small issue with my McCarty (stoptail). Years ago, I had replaced the original all-aluminum PRS bridge with the aluminum with brass touchpoints on each string. I was having issues breaking strings with the older bridge. The new bridge fixed the string breakage, but ever since then...
  8. Paul Conrad

    Stoptail Bridge Intonation Pins

    I just picked up a sweet Paul's Guitar and was adjusting the intonation. One of the pins is stripped. Does anyone know where I can get replacement pins?
  9. M

    Tim Mahoney SE hardware replacement

    I have a Tim Mahoney SE and was looking to replace the chrome wraparound bridge with a gold wraparound with saddles, and possibly replacing the tuners with some gold locking tuners.. could I get either of these without having to drill new holes? I bought a bridge about 5 years ago that didn’t...
  10. John Beef

    Adjustable Bridges - PRS vs Mann vs others

    I picked up a used PRS adjustable bridge the other day, and immediately afterward got an email from John Mann saying he had some of his version in stock. Just wondering if anyone has had both, and could compare and contrast any differences? Also, there are some others out there, Schroeder...
  11. C

    Unable to keep intonation on 245SE

    I was excited to purchase the 245 SE model, and realize that it has a major flaw in the adjustable stoptail bridge. Has anyone found a fix, or a better replacement bridge? My issue: The screws to slide the saddles and adjust intonation are just floating in the hole. There is nothing that...
  12. L

    PRS SE Custom 22 - Tuning stability

    Hello, I bought a PRS SE Custom 22 2018 one year ago. I restringed it after some months, from the original 9-42 strings to the D'Addario 10.5-48 and the string tension of the unwound strings was really too much. My personal technic fixed it lowering the bridge. The strings are a bit more harder...
  13. M

    Tremolo Arm Replacement

    Hi there Im trying to find replacement tremolo arm because I've lost mine. I wonder if I can find one without the arm tip like this ...
  14. J

    Prs se 24 standard tremolo springs

    So recently I noticed that my prs se 24 standard only has 3 springs instead of 4(or 5) . So my question is which springs fit in for my prs se 24 standard,because I need them due to the fact that my guitar bridge is very high know(cause it only has 3 springs in it)
  15. J

    Prs se Standard 24 springs.

    So recently I bought my new Prs se Standard 24. And everything was fine until I changed the strings to a heavier gauge and suddenly the bride was standing up high. So I put off the backplate and thigtend up the screw but it didn't help. Then I found out that the guitar comes with 4 springs(it's...
  16. Oresti

    Tremolo arms

    My new DGT came with a straight tremolo arm. It didn’t feel right to me since the arm was too close to the strings. I ordered another arm from a seller on Reverb and got the more traditional arm with a crook in it. Is the straight arm a DGT thing? I can’t seem to find a pic online of a DGT (or...
  17. HoovHead

    Mounting Posts for McCarty 594 Bridge

    I have a 2019 PRS McCarty 594 semi-hollow and it sounds and plays great. I was wondering about the method used to attach the bridge post screws to the body. The bridge sits on two posts. These posts are machine screws that accommodate the up and down height adjustment using two thumb screws. Do...
  18. Ironwolf

    Core Mira issues (Help), upgrade choices, and other unimportant OCD details

    putting my new 2008 Mira through its paces, I've now had it for 2 weeks, trying to tweak it to my preferences. Such an Interesting Guitar. I went ahead and installed the Schroeder aluminum wraparound with brass saddles, and it seemed to even out the tone, and sounds basically great. It...
  19. T

    Is this bridge decked - pic included PRS Silver Sky

    Click picture for a close up if needed. I've been reading that these come decked but when I looked after a few week, it looks like it's not decked. Meaning the bridge plate is not flushed against the body, it's at an up angle. I guess I'll have to screw down those screws - ofcourse I know to do...
  20. C

    Vela with a trem

    I am considering buying a Vela soon and would like to get an estimate on how much it would cost to swap the bridge it comes with for a S2 Molded Tremolo. I know the bridge itself is up to $199, how much would the actual mod cost? Thanks