McCarty choked strings - new bridge?


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Aug 21, 2013
I have a small issue with my McCarty (stoptail). Years ago, I had replaced the original all-aluminum PRS bridge with the aluminum with brass touchpoints on each string. I was having issues breaking strings with the older bridge. The new bridge fixed the string breakage, but ever since then, the strings never did seem to ring true with that bridge. The strings sound a bit choked (even open strings), esp the high B and E. Is there a newer stoptail bridge that replaces that aluminum/brass-touch-points?

I've raised the action a bit on the treble side, but that doesn't seem to get rid of the slight choke.
A top-to-bottom setup may help. Both of those wrap around bridges are dead-nuts ON, so it must be elsewhere. Watch for unusual fret wear, check for buzz-out up the neck, measure 1st fret height and don’t be afraid to replace the nut. Especially in the winter months, depending on your climate, truss rod adjustment may be the key, too.