Unable to keep intonation on 245SE


New Member
Feb 3, 2021
I was excited to purchase the 245 SE model, and realize that it has a major flaw in the adjustable stoptail bridge. Has anyone found a fix, or a better replacement bridge?

My issue:
The screws to slide the saddles and adjust intonation are just floating in the hole. There is nothing that keeps them in-place except for the downward pressure of the sting. Issue is that as I play, the saddle starts moving forward since the screw is not holding anywhere.

This is causing some nasty intonation. I've looked for a replacement bridge, but the only models raise the strings too high up, creating really poor playing action.

Add the poor tuning pegs that had to be replaced, and we have a beautiful instrument with really low-end finishing touches.
My 245 has not had issue with this; the saddles are fully engaged and no slide. Perhaps someone stripped them trying to intonate???

Contact the PTC! If you bought it new contact the dealer.