PRS SE Custom 24 Burled Ashtop vs PRS SE Santana Abraxas 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Guitar


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May 28, 2020
Good day everyone

I had a PRS SE Custom 24 Burled Ashtop before, and I sold it because I needed a budget for my wedding, now I'm willing to buy a PRS SE Custom 24, and I saw online that a store is selling a Burled Ashtop but with upgraded tuner, which is Gotoh Locking Tuner, mine before I upgraded it with SE Locking Tuners, and then another online store is also selling a PRS SE Santana Abraxas 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Guitar, which I also like, Santana is one of the reasons that I want a PRS, though someone is also selling his PRS SE Santana (the gold one), the price is a little bit higher than the 50th anniversary.

Now, I have experience with the SE Custom 24, but not with PRS SE Santana, both stores are far away from each other, so I cannot compare the two, Has anyone tried them both? or have them? what are the differences between the SE Santana and the SE Custom 24?

I haven't played either so can't offer an opinion but I'd suggest either make the trips to play both and decide which you like best - or, buy both online, and ship back the one you like less (just make sure they have good return policies before you order!)
I have two SE CU24s and an SE Santana.

The scale length and neck profiles are different: 25” vs. 24.5” and Wide Thin vs. Wide Fat. Also, the body shape is clearly different (but you knew that).

I’d 100% go Santana if I had to choose a brand new PRS SE offering.