se custom 24

  1. shimmilou

    SE Cu24 Mods, mini toggles

    Tried a set of SD Alnico II pickups, and didn’t care for the sound compared to the stock 85/15 S. Putting the stock 85/15 S pickups back in, but wanted to add covers, both for looks and for the subtle sound difference the covers add, slightly less edgy, just a bit smoother sound. While changing...
  2. hydeinthesky

    PRS SE Custom 24 Burled Ashtop vs PRS SE Santana Abraxas 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Guitar

    Good day everyone I had a PRS SE Custom 24 Burled Ashtop before, and I sold it because I needed a budget for my wedding, now I'm willing to buy a PRS SE Custom 24, and I saw online that a store is selling a Burled Ashtop but with upgraded tuner, which is Gotoh Locking Tuner, mine before I...
  3. Y

    Parallel Axis Distortion + Blues Saraceno on my PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd

    Just upgraded the pickups on my PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd from PRS 85/15 "S" pickups to Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis Distortion + Blues Saraceno. I know that Blues Saraceno pickup is originally designed for the bridge position, but I installed it on the neck position because: 1. It was really...
  4. C

    Is there 58/15 lt wiring diagram for se custom 24?

    hi guys I own a se custom 24 zircote. It has 85/15 s pickups, 1 volume, 1 tone with coil split, 3 position switch. And I bought a 58/15 LT used for an upgrade of it. It is a 3 conductor pickup set. What wiring diagram should I follow to install those pickups into my guitar?
  5. Going Modal

    Tell me why I shouldn't..? (SE impulse-buy content)

    Can anybody tell me why I shouldn't, just on a whim, buy an SE Custom 24--new, or lightly used--and throw some locking tuners and zebra Seymour Duncan JB & Jazz pickups into it? (I was first thinking of the Vaughn Skow "PRS" replacement set, but heck these SD's are even $80 cheaper and arguably...
  6. R

    PRS SE Custom 24 Quality Control

    I'm getting back into playing after not doing so for several decades. It seems like PRS is the guitar of choice for so many folks and I'm really intrigued. I can't afford to put a mint into my first guitar and have been investigating the SE line but was curious about the quality control. Is a...
  7. Yosua Wijaya

    PRS 59/09 Pickups on 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24

    Hello guys, I need some help and advice to install 59/09 to my guitar. My guitar is the 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24 which has 2 humbuckers, 1 volume, 1 tone, and 2 mini toggle switch to split neck and bridge pickup. After I look into the electronic cavity, I found that the wiring is the same...
  8. Yosua Wijaya

    SE Custom 24 mods

    Hi guys, I just bought my first electric guitar recently and I want to do some modification. My guitar is the 35th anniversary SE custom 24. I have done my first mods; changing the standard tuning machines to the SE locking tuners and it looks great and improve the tuning stability. After...
  9. R

    85/15S Are there equal windings on each coil?

    Hi, regarding 85/15s, does anyone know if the screw and slug coils/bobbins are equal in output or is one side stronger than the other? I Have an SE Custom 24, wondering if I flipped both pickups 180 if it would give a more Strat tone with both pickups on, and if it would thicken the single coil...
  10. TheDoktor

    Lampshade knobs on Vintage Sunburst SE

    I loved the lampshade knobs on my S2 so much I decided to install a pair on my SE Custom 24. Here's the before and after for those who may be interested. Before: After: I dig 'em. Not only for the look but the little facets makes it easier to hook them with a pinky to move. I think this...
  11. Duke_Silver

    PRS SE Custom 24 (35th Ann) tuning issues

    I just got a SE 35th anniversary C24, only issue is thing doesn't stay in tune. At the store t I asked the guitar tech to lower the action for me (after bringing it home and playing it for some time I realize he lowered it a little too much) Should I take it to a guitar tech and get it setup...
  12. shimmilou

    NUGD - 35th Ann SE Cu24 - Indonesia

    I had considered getting a new one when they first came out, but talked myself out of it because I already have a SE Cu24, and a S2 Cu24, and a SE Paul's with the TCI pups and switching. After reading some reviews, and a thread here about how the owner was convinced the pups were something other...
  13. hydeinthesky

    Torn Between PRS SE Mira vs PRS SE Custom 24

    Good Day Everyone I'm HydeIntheSky from the Philippines, having a PRS Guitar is one of my dreams since I admire Carlos Santana's work, I recently found out that the Lyric Music Store is the official distributor of PRS Guitars here in the Philippines, currently I'm eyeing for two PRS SE, which...
  14. J

    How To Wire A SE Custom 24 Out Of Phase?

    Hi everyone, I'm going to be replacing the pickups in my SE Custom 24 with Dimarzio Air Classics and am trying to figure out how to use the push-pull pot to switch them out of phase. I've been looking but can't find a diagram for this particular wiring scheme.
  15. Daniel Sorensen

    PRS SE C24 Pickup Position has no sound

    I just got the above mentioned guitar this past week, and the top switch position has no sound at all. I'm extremely new to guitars, so I have no clue what it could be. I have a cheap, old amp and cable that I'm using that were given to me 12 years ago when I was thinking about learning, so...
  16. DustinCo

    Need Pickup Wiring Help!! Putting USA 8515 pickups in SE Custom 24

    Hey everyone, could use some help here. I have a 2018 SE Custom 24 that has a 3 way blade switch, volume, and push/pull coil tap/split (same thing?). I recently purchased some used American made 8515 pickups from a buddy to install in my SE, I planned to install them the exact same way as the...
  17. Faisal Arup

    PRS 35th Anniversary Custom SE 24 Fret Buzz issue

    Hey Guys I received my PRS 35th Anniversary SE CU24 last week. Its an awesome guitar with very nice sound. But I feel like the Actions are bit low and creating fret buzz a lot. Anyone got their guitar like this from store?
  18. T

    Hum coming through on humbuckers

    I purchased an SE 24 Custom this summer, I am very happy with it. However when I switch tap from single-coil to humbucker, the 60 cycle hum I can still hear hum. The hum gets a little quieter, but when playing high-gain the hum can be quite pronounced. By contrast, on my strat, when I switch to...
  19. S

    PRS SE with toggle switch - CE Wiring

    I have a 2011 SE Custom 24 with a 3 way toggle switch that I'm trying to upgrade with USA HFS and Vintage Bass pickups from the stock SE pickups with 2 wires. The USA pickups come with 3 wires (red, white and black) and shield. From my understanding, the seller took them from a Custom 24 with a...
  20. shimmilou

    NGD - SE Cu 24 - Spalted - Indonesian Cor-Tek

    They were having a factory closeout on these at Sweetwater, couldn't resist. :) The quality/fit/feel/finish, all absolutely on par with my Korean SEs, which is to say, excellent. The body is heavy, not too heavy, but substantial feeling, just right. The fret ends are terrifically smooth, looks...