se santana

  1. hydeinthesky

    PRS SE Custom 24 Burled Ashtop vs PRS SE Santana Abraxas 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Guitar

    Good day everyone I had a PRS SE Custom 24 Burled Ashtop before, and I sold it because I needed a budget for my wedding, now I'm willing to buy a PRS SE Custom 24, and I saw online that a store is selling a Burled Ashtop but with upgraded tuner, which is Gotoh Locking Tuner, mine before I...
  2. bbosla

    Old PRS SE Santana Neck bending

    Hello~ I'm new in here, and I got Old Se Santana 2001 recently. Appearance is not pretty, but the sound killer~! But I got a big problem~ Help me out guys! For initial setting, the string height was 2mm at 12th fret at the beginning. After half turne of truss rod, it became 1.2mm. And there...