Help Identifying SE Custom 24 Mods?


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Apr 10, 2024
Bought my first PRS, a used 2019 SE Custom 24 Limited for the roasted maple neck. Plays like a dream, but sounds so different from my other guitars that I'm wondering what I got under the hood.

It was from an online store, I don't have access to the original owner. I'm not a PRS expert, altho I've been lurking here for a few months. I'm hoping I can get some help identifying what parts, exactly, I have here.

It has a 5-way switch, not a 3-way, but also the push/pull tone knob. Pickups are cream, not the zebra black/cream, and also the brackets are black, not white.

Is this for sure a modded guitar? Any suggestions on what mods this has? If I peek under the hood, any suggestions for identifying what's what?

Thanks for any help. Man, it's beautiful!

It looks like the pickups were changed. I researched this guitar and it looks like it came with 85/15 “S” zebra pickups. Take off the control cavity cover and see if the wire harness was modified.
Hi and welcome. Congratulations on your PRS.

This YT vid might answer some questions -

The specs of this guitar online certainly show it came with a 3 way selector switch as standard. Pickups look like they were Zebra finish.

I would surmise at the very least that the selector switch and pickups have been modded.

Pickups are most likely Dimarzio (or a clone), as I believe that they hold the patent on double cream bobbins. They could have of course be an after market pickup from another maker.

Happy exploring “under the hood”.
As stated above, selector switch, pots, and pups look to be upgraded. There is also a chance that someone upgraded the capacitors as part of the new pots which would likely have an effect on the sound of the guitar. Nice PRS!