Help identifying an SE custom 22


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Mar 3, 2024
Hi all new to the forum but definitely not new to PRS i have a question regarding an SE custom 22 2015 tail wrap around semi hollowbody i bought recently from a pawn shop which has significant flaming on the back of the body in the mahogany as you can imagine i was pleasantly surprised and i as I usually do when i get a new PRS i go to youtube and watch everyone else unboxing and enjoying there new PRS guitars as well upon watching the PRS youtube channel with Bryan Ewald in 2015 for the release of this guitar he holds an identical guitar to mine in his hands this is my first post so im refraining from posting the link to the youtube video but hoping someone might find it on their own and be able to confirm not that its important but curiosity has peaked enough to make me create a profile here on the forums to ask how do i go about confirming this is the guitar hes holding? I cant imagine that add any value to the guitar id think it simply having that huge chunk of flamed mahogany in the body would do that alone i plan to keep this guitar not reselling at all but for a better nights sleep id like to try and find out if its the one in the video maybe its a youtube famous guitar 😅🤞 thanks in advance and i look forward to a prosperous time here at the PRS fourms!

Well i hope i dont get in trouble but this is the video im referring to my guitar looks identical the flaming matches like a finger print
Newbe here.......first post........

Can`t say anything about yours , except its a stunner, but I have just purchased a used PRS SE Custom 22 Semi , Korean made in 2007 ( H , first

letter in serial number )

Does not have a " f " hole more of a curved "v" and no push / pull on the tone ( coil tap )

Has someone removed the push / pull or were they made like this ?

Found three for sale in UK years - 2005, 2007, 2007 manufactured in Korea , all have one Master Volume and one Master Tone .