PRS 2023 Custom 24 Gold Top


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May 25, 2017
I am considering a used PRS 2023 Custom 24 Gold Top. I am looking to this board for advice as I've never seen a Gold Top Custom 24 before. I am not questioning legitimacy of the guitar. I am wondering if they are more common than I am thinking. Or, is this likely to have been a dealer custom order? Etc. Anything I might be missing? Thanks, John
I am partial to them.

I have the last Santana retro in gold that left the factory unless you go PS, this was confirmed by Jack Gretz, who I ordered from. Many of the colors are off the board, the Craftman is correct. Colors that PRS is producing now are the most requested colors. It should be noted that mine took some time because PRS felt the ones that were made did not pass the quality standard. I did not mind waiting for quality. Jack is the best, what a great experience!
not a 2023 but much better pricing
Nice find on that 2016.

1 of the (many) things that appeals to me about the 2023 I mentioned above is that the seller happens to be local, ~25 min from me.

But I am 99% sure I am going to pass on it, at least at this time.