NGD: a pair of 10 top SE’s


PRS Fren
Feb 18, 2021
JK 🤪 No such thing.
But I am saying that these beauties are better looking than some core 10 tops and non ten tops that I’ve own. PRS did right to avoid bursting the blood orange. This finish is too nice to have a red coat around it that covers it up. And a blue guitar? Yeah I surprised myself too!

The blood orange is a SE custom 24-08. The blue is a SE Paul’s Guitar. Both I modded the looks to approach their core brethren. Both had tuner upgrades and adjustments to their bridges. Down to the screws/nuts: I tried my best to match ten top appointments with a full hybrid hardware. They have the ten top looks because I think they look great with nice natural backs! I love the figuring on the Paul’s fretboard.
I’m not shy about saying how much I love Paul’s SE guitar. The 24-08 sharing the same pickup was nice. The core caught up with the SE line in regards to this thought process. I’m all for it. I did not like the previous pickup iteration for the se 24-08. I plugged in the older version and immediately unplugged and sold it 😆 I love the tci “S” pickups. I pretty much leave the neck in single coils and the bridge in full humbucker
Needless to say I’ve been playing these non stop. Both have nice low action. Feel great. Sound incredible!





Needless to say: their value is off the chart. Both of these for less than a price of a new s2! I could care less what the back of the head stock says. These are great guitars and I have no regrets about moving off more expensive PRS for these. Others may think I’m crazy for slapping some makeup on a pair of pigs. They simply work for me. I can’t recommend these 2 SE’s enough.
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I just have a blue SE standard. I think the wild flame tops are like plaid pants with a striped shirt. The SE Standard doesn't have a maple cap and one of the reasons I choose that guitar...and the $350 price. No clown suit.
I think the new satin guitars look much better too, but I don't want a bolt on neck. But for a bar beater...the cherry one looks tempting.