ten top

  1. danktat

    2007 Custom 22

    Bored at work so I took her outside for a pic. Thanks for looking.
  2. danktat

    NEW GITFIDDLE DAY for me!!!

    NGD FOR ME! Yes, it IS another custom 22 with 10 top. As some of you may know I ran into a financial situation recently that caused me to sell off a couple of guitars. So, I am rebuilding. This seemed like as good a place to start as any. LOL. I just contacted the PRS service department to have...
  3. Joseph Berlin

    *Video* Aquableux 10 Top is now officially mine!!

    Remember those pics I posted last week of the guitar I was planning to pick up in NJ? Well I went to get it this weekend and it looks even better in person than any of the pictures could ever have suggested. I thought I'd post a couple quick videos to showcase the grain in the wood, it has so...
  4. G

    Need help to assess guitar condition of Custom 24

    Hi, I'm just new here and i would like to seek some advice from you folks cause i'm planning to purchase a used Custom 24 10 top 2011 model. I'm just a bit curious if the fretwires might have been changed. Any advice about the overall condition of this guitar? Please see attached. Thank You...