Pickguard static crackle on S2 Standard 24


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Jan 25, 2023
Just noticing quite a lot of static noise coming from my fingers on the pickguard of my newly acquired S2. I've dealt with this in the past on strats and telecasters, but in those cases I had lined the cavities with copper foil as well as the back of the pickguard and made sure that a bit of the foil came underneath at least one of the pickguard screws so the guard was grounded. I suppose adding a bit of foil to the area where my fingers touch and extending it under one of the pots might do it, because the pots are grounded. Has anyone else dealt with this, and what was done to resolve it?
I think this was a common issue on Core Silver Skies early on.

I believe the solution was to rub a dryer sheet on the scratch plate to remove static.

Maybe someone else can pitch in.
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I'd forgotten about the dryer sheet fix. I found one and it did work like magic, only thing is I found that with my strats and teles the effect didn't last long. The foil on the backside connected to ground did. Maybe I'll try it on the S2.