NGD - To 10 top or not to 10 top

So, Happy Christmas NGD to me!!!

I’ve been thinking about buying a Special for a few months and I’ve finally decided to pull the trigger a few days ago. I was firm on it being finished in Faded Whale Blue, although I’ve seen guitars with this finish that I love and others that I really don’t like at all. Don’t know why but the result using this stain is IMO highly variable.

With this in mind, my observation were that the 10 tops usually were more of my liking, ensuring a tight and nice flame that really goes well with the colour. So, I ordered a 10 top sight unseen from a big retailer in Europe that also has a good return policy in case I wasn’t into the guitar.

And this is what arrived to my door. Not the 10 top I expected, and actually I’m not sure it complies with the 10 top definition I’ve seen about (no dead spot, clear figuring, etc). I was expecting a tight, pin stripy flame, that’s what the 10 tops I’ve seen. At first wasn’t sure what to think, but actually I love the character and figuring of this too, even if it’s not a standard 10 top.

Still have to test all the sounds and possibilities, but playability and basic sounds are amazing, as I’m used from my other PRS.

So, what do you think of this 10 top? Is this a 10 top for you?


It looks more like an 11!
My take is, it is a 10 top, but not one I would choose over many others. It is still a beautiful top, and I think qualifies for the 10 rating, but not all 10 tops are created equal and there is a high percentage I would choose over this particular one. That said, if it plays great, sounds great and you don't have any hang ups on just how good it looks, then keep it. Otherwise, send it back and ask for pix of any future purchases so you have an idea of what you are getting. Hope this or something similar gets you rockin'!
Totally looks 10 to me. As long as it has the little 10 by the serial number. That’s a really lovely guitar.
Yeah, maybe not the typical pattern I'd expect for a 10 top, but very cool and unique anyhow. Congratulations!
Nice Guitar...Hopefully You Love It And That Is All That Matters.

I Do Find It Interesting How They Decide 10's, Artists, PS, Etc. I Have An Older McCarty Artist Package That Has One Of The Best Tops I Have Ever Seen...Better Than My Private Stocks. I Have Some Non 10's That Should Be 10's IMO As Well. For Me The Key Is If It Plays Exceptional Then That Is Most Important. Colors And Looks Are Important To Me As Well But Not Over Playability And Sound.
Definitely a 10 Top, love that wide curl and the matching is well done! For really tight curls, I tend to see that more frequently on Artist tops. Which ever way you decide to go, I hope you end up with a PRS you love!
Maybe I missed something, but does it have the "10" on the back of the headstock? Either way, based on the woodgrain and finish I'd keep it. If it really isn't a "10" I'd ask for a partial refund as those cost more.
The prominent wood grain and curl look really unique. Like it's shattering ice or something over dark water. I love how wide and non uniform it is. Definitely a 10 top
That is a gorgeous top! I personally like the variation on it compared to most of the tightly curled 10 or artist tops. Those look amazing too (especially the chevron ones)... but what I love the most about all wood grain is the individual character of it, and that top has more than it's fair share of personality.

My quilted 10 top has tight quilt to the outside and much larger sections towards the middle. Certainly a far cry from the quilt you see in the PS line... but it's unique and it's mine. I'll always be able to pick it out of a lineup. lol