1. davidtaus

    Core Paul's Guitar Pickups: Upgrade from 408s? (and some custom wiring...)

    Longtime player, new PRS fanboy. I'm the recent proud owner of two: First was the S2 10th Anniversary McCarty 594, with TCI pickups. got it, played, it, and went OH! Then, because i found it on a screaming deal, picked up a Core 2013 Paul's Guitar with Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard. Played it...
  2. guitargeek62

    Closest pickup to…

    …a Paul’s Guitar? I’ve got a core one and love it, but I’ve also started my own scratch-builds again and would like to try similar electronics in them. Funnily enough, of all the guitars I’ve played and owned I’ve yet to try any mini-humbuckers or firebird types, and I’m assuming the PGs might...
  3. B

    408 Pickups

    Hey y’all, i’ve never posted here but I’ve been loving my 408 for almost 10 years and even have a second one but I’ve always thought about putting those pickups/switching in another guitar just to see. I was wondering if anyone here had done that(or even switched out the pickups on their 408)...
  4. Broseph

    NGD: I Like Boyd Burst

    And I cannot lie! You other brothers can’t deny… Meet the new CE addition. I whipped out the credit card when i found a CE in a natural burst. Which means I’ll part with another guitar but this is so worth it. My 408 ten top now has a buddy. The 408 has a fancier top and I upgraded some details...
  5. Broseph

    NGD x 2: 408 10 top and a Vela Reclaimed

    It’s been a fun journey thru PRS land. I’ve gone thru many models to find those I like. I’ve met plenty that intrigued me but these 2 are simply something else for me. The 408 electronics blow my mind. Why it didn’t catch on more is beyond me. My only guess would be the proprietary pickups. But...
  6. tyfu20

    NGD Pho-Oh-Ate has arrived

    Finally got here around 7:30 last evening, played it only a little this AM as I'm on the IR with a right wrist injury from a ladder incident we will not discuss. The few minutes i was able to play I can definitely hear how the 408 pickups are so endeared by Mr. PRS himself. The clarity is...
  7. AlexBohlin

    Difference Custom 24-08 and 408?

    So the 24-08 has two humbuckers, much like the 408. Only difference I can see is that the 408's treble pickup is a bit wider, but is it any different in terms of sound? And then you got the coil tap switches for both guitars, giving you the single coil-type sound. So what's the difference...
  8. H

    NGD: My first PRS, a 408!

    I've been interested in PRS guitars for a little while now (I have a friend who's obsessed and has around 15 so he's slowly been conditioning me), but up until today I hadn't had much of a chance to play them. I use a Telecaster mainly, but I've been wanting something with humbuckers to give me...
  9. Skeeter

    Talk to me about PG/MEV bridge pickup

    So, I’ve had a couple 408s, and my SH 408 is arguably my favorite guitar. So I have a good idea of what the narrow pup sounds like in the neck. I think it’s amazing split, and really sounds Strat-like more than any split humbucker I’ve ever encountered. As a full humbucker, I appreciate the...
  10. 801PE

    Trem saddles

    I'm looking for 2 trem saddles for a core, they can be chrome, but my 408 is an artist package with the hybrid hardware so gold would be ideal. I am looking for used, but functional adjustment screws. I thought I would try here before I buy a new set. The screws are seized in the old ones.
  11. Z

    Piezo with neck single coil (or splitted hb)

    I find the p22 is an amazing guitar! But I nearly never use the humbucker on the neck position. I think it’s a shame that doesn’t exists a p408 (408 with piezo system), a studio piezo or a p22 with splittable neck position. I am the only one? A p408 would be a killer guitar, with every sound one...
  12. JoJo

    408 pickups in a Swamp Ash / Maple guitar

    Hi there, Has anybody tried the 408 pickups in a Swamp Ash body with a Maple cap and a one-piece Maple neck? I’m thinking about a Private Stock Pauls Guitar using those woods... I’m not sure if a Swamp Ash body / Maple neck would sound overly bright and snappy with the 408 pickups. But I...
  13. DavidRome

    PRS 408 vs 408 Semi-hollow Comparison

    I recently played a PRS 408 Semi-Hollow w/Rosewood Neck Wood Library guitar but I had to drive 3 hours to get there. I won't mention the dealer but they are sweet people. Lol I did meet several 408 owners and it seems that anyone who owns one of these is in love with it. Anyway, I took some...
  14. BWV548

    Looking for some input on a potential modification

    I've comm'd a bit with the PTC on this, but wanted to get broader set of opinions, down to my lack of experience on such things I bought 3 PRS in rather short time and have been loving playing them, and exploring their timbral uniqueness. The other day, I had the idea - I can't say if it's a...
  15. Anaxes

    Does anyone have any info about Paul's Sorcerer's Apprentice?

    This guitar would later become the 408 but I'm curious to hear how it sounds and the design of the pickups at the time if any one had any clips that would be great! Truly fascinated about this guitar.
  16. Bluesverb

    PTC custom work on my SAS - Narrofwields ROCK!!!!

    WARNING to all. I have had a few ideas that are some what "out of the box thinking". Without posting my resume, problem solving and critical thinking was a major component in my career. I would love to help start a discussion on increasing throughput, reducing shrinkage, and reducing man...
  17. polarbipolar

    NGD: 408 SH Experience

    So this thing just landed at my door a couple of days ago. Did not have a chance to start a proper NGD thread until today. It is a semi-hollow 408 in vintage sunburst created specifically for 2013 Experience event (limited to 50 or 100 guitars, I do not know honestly). The differences from...
  18. King Loudness

    My personal tribute to the best guitars in the world

    Hey, folks. I'm new here! My name is Will, and I'm a 21 year old guitarist from Eastern Canada. I've been playing for a long time, and going through the tone quest has led me through myriad instruments, from all different brands and price points. Several years ago, I kept reading about a guitar...