1. Julian

    PRS Vela neck pickup readings

    Hello, Does anyone happen to know the readings of the vela neck pickup, like the resistance in ohms?
  2. Julian

    Vela Mod

    Hello all, Just swapped out my vela bridge pickup for a humbucker sized p90. It happens to match the neck pickup and I am super stocked about how it turned out. Love the way it sounds and looks!
  3. mhannigan

    NGD - PRS S2 Vela Silverburst with birds on Ebony Fretboard - 1 of 5 Made

    First of all, I apologize for doing whatever is making this post get taken down. I originally posted it as a reply in a thread about a Vela review, but maybe hijacking that thread isn't appropriate. I'm just really excited about this guitar and wanted to share with everyone because I think it's...
  4. mhannigan

    Limited Run S2 Vela Silverburst with Bird Inlays on Ebony Fingerboard - 1 of 5 - Lucky Find

    A guitar shop did a limited run of PRS S2 Vela Semi Hollows. They did 5 each of 5 finishes - all but two exist in the regular lineup. The two they added were a deep purple color and a silverburst. Other than the finish, what makes them special is the bird inlays on . an ebony fretbord. These...
  5. Julian

    PRS Vela Review

    Hello, I'm supposed to be studying right now so I thought it would be a great time to post a pros and cons list regarding my PRS Vela. Feel free to disagree, I'll be updating this when more things come up to mind. I got the satin white model. Pros: - Type D is a great single coil. It's got...
  6. Ovibos

    They changed the Vela neck pickup?!?

    Stumbled on this on the 'verb. It's not even on the official site. Wild!
  7. Ovibos

    Gave the Purple Vela the bling it deserved

    You may remember I acquired a rare purple Vela. Finally got around to swapping the black pick guard for pearloid, and OH MY does it pop! I also Scotch-brited the back of the neck (c'mon PRS, STOP with the gloss necks!) and strung it with 9.5s (down from 10s) for a touch more slinkiness. Plays...
  8. Broseph

    NGD x 2: 408 10 top and a Vela Reclaimed

    It’s been a fun journey thru PRS land. I’ve gone thru many models to find those I like. I’ve met plenty that intrigued me but these 2 are simply something else for me. The 408 electronics blow my mind. Why it didn’t catch on more is beyond me. My only guess would be the proprietary pickups. But...
  9. R

    Any info on a Vela treble bleed circuit?

    Love my semi-hollow Vela with the standard single coil neck pickup. I replaced the push-pull tone pot with a better “core” PRS version. I am now looking for a treble bleed circuit / diagram / instruction for this guitar. Anyone know of such a thing? Thanks.
  10. mwong61

    S2 Vela Mods

    Hey all, Since getting my Vela a couple months ago I've been pondering a couple of modifications that I wanted to do. Let me first emphatically state that none of these mods or upgrades are "necessary". The stock components are perfectly fine and the wiring/soldering is all top notch. I've read...
  11. CB93D

    PRS Vela with Bird Inlays

    Hello everybody, Do you think it’s realistic to expect bird inlays back in the Vela model? I’ve been expecting for years for them to make a comeback on the model, or at least to include them in an upgraded version. Maybe a CE version? At some point I made peaces with the possibility of them not...
  12. P

    NGD - Vela SH VCS!

    Was very skeptical about the vintage cherry, the satin nitro, the S2 hype, the Vela. But now. Now I’m enlightened! So light! So red! Smooth! I'm just going to keep listing positive adjectives here! Just Wow!
  13. B

    Vela finishes - Satin or gloss? Tone or feel/resonance difference?

    Anyone played both the semi-hollow satin finishes and the semi-hollow gloss finishes and notice any difference in how it feels/vibrates or how it sounds? I've been leaning toward the satin ones, but a gloss one caught my eye. It's a fairly big price difference between the two, however, with...
  14. T

    S2 Vela neck pickup (type d) pole height adjustment?

    Had to repost because of a typo I made in the title, didn't know how to delete the og post Hi everyone! I'm new here. I bought a vela a couple months ago and I like it quite a lot. My only complaint with it is that the neck pickup seems to be very muddy and way too bass heavy for my taste. I've...
  15. T

    S2 Vela Bridge (type d) pole height adjustment?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here. I bought a vela a couple months ago and I like it quite a lot. My only complaint with it is that the neck pickup seems to be very muddy and way too bass heavy for my taste. I've found that if I lower its height considerably its much less muddy/beefy and more...
  16. ShawnF1222

    S2 Starla & Vela Pickup Height Info?

    Hello, My only two PRS's Starla and Vela are using the same pickups. Is there anywhere online here that PRS has recommended pickup heights? (Distance to strings.) I found this and was wondering if this will work for the Starla / Vela pickups. Thank you...
  17. ShawnF1222

    Vela Semi-Hollow - What's under the Pickguard?

    Hi Folks, I am wondering if anyone have pics of the pick up routs under the pickguard? I've been searching the internet to no avail. Curious if there is room for a 9v battery? Any know or have a photo? It's a lot easier to find info on Fender body routs. :) Thank you.
  18. ShawnF1222

    Vela S2 Semi Hollow Pick Up Ideas?

    I love the Vela semi hollow played clean, but once I add OD, it gets mushy. I was thinking that I'd prefer a solid body Vela. So before I loose my ass on selling it, I wanted to see if anyone has changed out the pick ups and if you have, what are you using? I really love the Vela and the...
  19. swazifiction

    Why is the S2 Vela satin ltd (a solid body) lighter than an SE custom 22 semi-hollow?

    I really can't deal with heavy guitars, so I was a bit apprehensive about buying the Vela, but it was such a bargain that I couldn't resist. But I was shocked to find it's lighter than my semi-hollow custom 22. Does anyone know why it's lighter?
  20. ShawnF1222

    Intonating PRS Vela - Tips?

    Hi Folks, I realized that with this Vela two saddle bridge, intonation will be a bit of a compromise. Does anyone have any tips, instructions, videos that they can forward to me? Let me know. Thanks!