1. L

    *UPDATE NGD* [QUESTION: (semi)affordable semi-hollow PRS w/ a Satin Neck]

    Hey all! I have been a long time player and fan of PRS, cutting my teeth on three SE models. Now it's time that I finally move up to the US -- and I am inches away from buying a CE 24 semi-hollow!! basically the only thing I might change on that guitar is to make it set neck in an ideal world...
  2. J

    2019 594 Semi-Hollow

  3. J

    Anyone Willing to Sell a 594 Semi-Hollow?

    Looking for one of the ones they released in 2019 or 2020 that have the phase three locking tuners and a rosewood fretboard. Would love to discuss if anyone is interested in selling.
  4. Broseph

    NGD x 2: 408 10 top and a Vela Reclaimed

    It’s been a fun journey thru PRS land. I’ve gone thru many models to find those I like. I’ve met plenty that intrigued me but these 2 are simply something else for me. The 408 electronics blow my mind. Why it didn’t catch on more is beyond me. My only guess would be the proprietary pickups. But...
  5. tyfu20

    NGW(week) Trifecta

    So there's been a lot of activity at the tyfu20 household this past week. I recently sold 3, a S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow, S2 DC 594, and Silver Sky, all great guitars in their own right, but each furthered an itch that with some phenomenal low bidding came to fruition. So I present to you my...
  6. Bradley Gavel

    The Family (so far)

    I like Singlecuts alright, it's a disease, you're not perfect either :D (and a random Mexican black Strat haha)
  7. tyfu20

    Incoming NGD S2 SC Semi- Hollow

    I regretted selling the 2017 version of the previous S2 SC Semi-Hollow I had 2 years ago. Found this 2014 beauty in great shape to scratch the itchiness. Can't wait!
  8. C

    PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow extrem fret buzz due to weather conditions

    Hey everyone, I bought a PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Santana yellow on July 9th at GC in San Bernardino, CA. The action was super high in the store so I took it to their Luthier to get a proper set up. When I got the guitar back it played well but not as expected. There was still some buzz and...
  9. Bradley Gavel

    New Toy Arrived Today

    I present to you: Laurie. Named her after my mother who always supported me in my musical endeavors and she also bought this for me, enjoy :D Pics aren't the highest of quality but if it fires up the GAS for anyone, I call that a win
  10. W

    PRS Semi-Hollow Custom Special 22 vs 35th Anniversary Custom 24

    My significant other is an emerging film composer (I promise you've heard plenty of her work). Her primary instrument is piano, but she would like to pickup a workhorse guitar for the studio as her guitar skills are growing and its useful to have something that other people can pick up and jam...
  11. tyfu20

    NGD Semi-Hollow

    Just got this new S2 Custom 22 Semi-hollow Faded Blue Smokeburst as a blemished, sounds great. Had the SE version previously which was a very good guitar, but I'm digging the hog neck and 85/15s.
  12. Ovibos

    Cracking f-hole

    Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! The f-hole on my Reclaimed Limited CE24 has developed a crack, and I’m thinking it might keep splitting further and that whole chunk will come off. It’s definitely not one of the original ‘character marks’ from the old barn wood it was made from. Looks...
  13. tyfu20

    Incoming NGD! So I decided to add to my PRS habit and have a S2 Vela Semi-Hollow McCarty Tobacco Sunburst coming on Friday
  14. L

    Semi-Hollow able to handle heavier tones?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Tremolo, and I've heard it is an incredibly versatile guitar, handling both clean and heavier stuff beautifully. I've heard every possible demo I could, but wasn't able to find much on heavier tones demos. My question would be - how well...
  15. J

    Difference - PRS CE 24 semi-hollow vs. S2 custom 22 semi-hollow

    Anyone knows the tonal difference between these two models?
  16. Skeeter

    Can SH Specials Rock?

    I know that sounds like a silly, dumb guitar guy question - but every demo I’ve seen is mostly clean, with maybe a little bite or overdrive. I can understand being fascinating with its clean sounds, as they sound amazing and there are so many options. And maybe most want to emulate Mayer on...
  17. Mozzi

    In coming NGD!!!!! PRS Special 22

    I have been looking around for a LONG time trying to find a Fire Red Burst PRS Special 22 in the UK. I was looking daily at all the PRS Dealers web pages hoping and hoping to find a Fire Red and a couple of months back, I found this 'beauty'. In sheer desperation, I contacted a PRS Dealer and...
  18. tyfu20


    Grabbed a great deal from Am.Musical on what must have been a lost in the back of the warehouse 2016 S2 Mira semi-hollow McCarty tobacco sunburst. Took it to rehearsal last night and was very pleased with the Mira pickups, single coil sounds to me ears really standout. Super light, and will be...
  19. DavidRome

    PRS 408 vs 408 Semi-hollow Comparison

    I recently played a PRS 408 Semi-Hollow w/Rosewood Neck Wood Library guitar but I had to drive 3 hours to get there. I won't mention the dealer but they are sweet people. Lol I did meet several 408 owners and it seems that anyone who owns one of these is in love with it. Anyway, I took some...
  20. Stevie Rave On

    Capture acoustic sound from f-hole

    I got my first PRS - a semi-hollow CU22 wood library, thinking of capturing sound inside or around the F-Hole. Not sure how it sounds and if it is worth trying. Anyone with Hollow Body or Semi-hollow tried this? I found this product but maybe a lapel mic can work as well. I am aware this is...