Semi-Hollow able to handle heavier tones?

Luís Sacramento

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Dec 19, 2019

I'm looking to buy a PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Tremolo, and I've heard it is an incredibly versatile guitar, handling both clean and heavier stuff beautifully.

I've heard every possible demo I could, but wasn't able to find much on heavier tones demos.

My question would be - how well can it handle, say, heavier tones in the realms of psych and more stoner-y music? As for cleans I know it does the job perfectly.

Thank you in advance.
As @sergiodeblanc stated, semi-hollows are more resonant than full solid bodies, but do not feedback much more at all, especially compared to a full Hollowbody.
Semi hollow...heavy sound?
I would have to say yes.

I used to play an ES 355 through a DR 103
and a pair of EV SRO12 loaded 2 X 12 cabs,
channels jumped and maxxed, master at 2 or 3 o'clock.
The guitar handled it nicely and sounded quite heavy indeed.

Now I play an S2 cu22 semi or an S2 Mira semi through a much smaller rig.
It's not as loud (few things are) but is capable of sounding just as heavy.
Most definitely, I have one of the special edition blue matteo Custom 22 semis and a Zach Meyer, both can handle whatever you throw at them. Just get it already. You know you want to:)
They’re fine with heavier tones (pickup choice being subjective). They’re not all that hollow, so no feedback worries.
This is relative to your stage volume and pickup choice, but the CU22 should be fine. In fact, the semihollow adds drive/sustain - at the right volume - that brings great character to the heavy stuff.
My CU22 Special Semi Hollow handles high gain tones quite well. No issues.
I play an HB through a cranked Mesa Dual Rec with no unintentional feedback (I can push it into feedback if I really try). You'll be fine with a semi-hollow.
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