*UPDATE NGD* [QUESTION: (semi)affordable semi-hollow PRS w/ a Satin Neck]


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Jul 24, 2023
Hey all! I have been a long time player and fan of PRS, cutting my teeth on three SE models.

Now it's time that I finally move up to the US -- and I am inches away from buying a CE 24 semi-hollow!!
basically the only thing I might change on that guitar is to make it set neck in an ideal world.

So what other PRS fit these four criteria?
1. Less than $3k used
2. Semi-hollow
3. Satin Neck
4. Tremolo
(5 optional). Set Neck

I saw a Wood Library Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Walnut that looks awesome..but that has a glossy neck :oops:

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I'm a relative newbie but I don't think I've ever seen a satin neck on an SE guitar..
Vela semi hollow comes in a satin finish. Otherwise I believe there have been some CE24 runs with satin necks, but I’m not sure if that was ever on a semi hollow version.
@opnoob I have not either, although I believe there were actually a couple of them. But I'm going USA for this one!

@andy474x I believe all CE24s come with a satin neck! Including the semi-hollow I tried out a few days ago. I edited the post bc I forgot to add trem as another requirement, so Vela is out.

@Bogner good point I have been wanting to try that..but will start on my $130 geet first before jumping to $2300 lol
@Bogner good point I have been wanting to try that..but will start on my $130 geet first before jumping to $2300 lol
Coward... ;)

I Don't Blame You. It Can Easily Be Done With The Right Products. There Are Also Videos Out There Showing How Do It. Still, I Understand The Hesitation. I Have Done It To A Few Of My Guitars And Got The Desired Result I Was After But Those Were All Maple Necks.
You can always "satin-ize" a glossy neck by lightly rubbing it with a green Scotch Brite pad until you get your desired level. Some folks use steel wool, but I'd avoid that because of the chance of metal filings getting in/on your pickups
I've done this several times. I was a little nervous the first time. Great results
Yep Scotch Brite pad for the win! No worries, just tape off the areas you don't want to satin-ize. Don't press too hard, to avoid creating any deep scratches. It doesn't remove much material, so can be polished back out if desired.

How about an S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow? Even if you upgrade to 57/08s, Core wiring, and a MannMade bridge, you're well below $3k. You can occasionally find an S2 in a satin solid color finish.
Another big Scotch-Brite fan here.

I find for myself, after doing it to multiple guitars, what works best is to run straight up and down the length of the neck from the nut to the body end. I don't do any side to side motions. This makes all the super tiny fine lines go in the same direction which makes the neck feel super fast and slippery.

Also, I don't mask off the areas at the ends. The ends naturally get less rubbing going end to end like this, so the 'satinness' fades to gloss quite imperceptibly at the ends.
Scotch brite is a bit aggressive for my tastes , try 3000 grit wet sand paper .. go slow .. , follow up with luthiers fine polishing compound, it will still have a nice sheen and be pure silk
what a beaut!