satin neck

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    *UPDATE NGD* [QUESTION: (semi)affordable semi-hollow PRS w/ a Satin Neck]

    Hey all! I have been a long time player and fan of PRS, cutting my teeth on three SE models. Now it's time that I finally move up to the US -- and I am inches away from buying a CE 24 semi-hollow!! basically the only thing I might change on that guitar is to make it set neck in an ideal world...
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    PRS CE-24 w/black satin neck help ID

    New to the Forums. I've had a PRS CE-24 w/black satin neck and a blue top for about a year. I picked it up local from someone and all I know is: 2018 CE-24 SN#: 18 260605 Is the black satin neck a limited run and I'm finding a little bit but not much on this guitar. Previous owner...