semi hollow

  1. J

    594 Solid Body vs Semi-Hollow

    Please only contribute if you have had a chance to play both. Trying to keep the thread clean. Thanks! I am currently considering getting a 594. I love the feel and overall warmer tone of shorter scale guitars but have struggled with how bassy/muddy the neck pickup can sound. For reference I...
  2. mjmartin

    NGD - CE 24 SH (My first USA PRS)

    Hello everyone! I never expected this day would come but here we are! Recently I was lucky enough to receive some nice bonuses at work and once I added them to my savings I decided it's time. I love my SEs but I just wanted something more. And I got to a point when I could even get my dream...
  3. Broseph

    NGD CE Semi

    Had to pull the trigger on a CE 24 semihollow that had a breathtaking blue flame job for CE level. Looked nearly bookmatched! I installed a steel MannMade tremolo block on it. It has joined my other CE 24 with 58/15 LTs and brass tremolo block...
  4. S

    PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow - WITHOUT TREMELO

    Hi I have an interest in a PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow, it does not have a tremolo. Initially, I thought it may have been modified but the back of the guitar does not have the access plate on the rear. I have done some extensive searching and can't find any references to a SE Semi-Hollow...
  5. El Fenix

    Semi-hollow DGT

    Twice I've seen David Grissom post a "non-standard" DGT. Once with soap bar pickups. This time, it was my dream guitar - A semi-hollow DGT.
  6. P

    Was there ever a Core Custom 22 Semi-Hollow?

    Was there ever a Core Custom 22 Semi-Hollow? It seems like such a thing would have existed once upon a time, but I haven't turned up examples searching online. I prefer 22 frets, Wide Fat necks, and stop tails, and it looks like the only way to come close to that particular guitar in...
  7. Patrick Montgomery

    NGD - McCarty 594 SC Semi-Hollow Artist Package

    So today I pulled the trigger on a guitar I had been wanting for a few months - a 2020 McCarty 594 SC Semi-Hollow with Artist Package in River Blue. On the way home I wondered how to explain it to my wife. When I got home I showed her the guitar and told it was new. She didn’t believe me because...
  8. S

    CE24 Semi Hollow Trem Rattle

    Hello, newer member to the PRS family. Loving it so far. So, I recently purchased a brand new CE24 Semi Hollow and noticed a rattle coming from the hole where the trem arm is normally inserted. The rattle disappears when I plug the trem arm in. I only noticed this when playing the B string on...
  9. Guitarjon

    SE277 Semi-Hollow Baritone

    I've had my PRS SE277 semi-hollow for a while now and it's truly one of the most unique instruments I've ever owned in terms of looks, features and sound! I mean, it's a semi-hollow baritone with P90's for crikey's sake! Before I got this one I had purchased a used sunburst SE277 with the old...
  10. T

    NGD - Special Semi-Hollow (Orange Tiger)

    I've historically not been a huge PRS guy but really love the tones that John Mayer gets with Dead & Company and fell in love with the Super Eagle model. However, like most of us, it was definitely beyond my price range. I've tried to scratch the itch a couple different ways but ultimately...
  11. W

    Semi hollow special 22

    Does anyone have a video of their special semi hollow 22 played through an envelope filter or wah pedal ? Want to listen how well it funks (:
  12. L

    Is the Vela SH balanced?

    First of all. Sorry about my bad English. First post here... I tried a Vela solid body the other day and was really impressed. This one crosses many of my boxes. Want to buy this guitar, but preferably the SH version. Have my eye on the charcoal semi-hollow satin 2020. Having owned a neck...
  13. E

    PRS CE Semi Hollow OR PRS SE HB II

    First time poster... Deciding between a CE Semi Hollow or the new SE HBII (which I realize prob no one has played so this is somewhat subjective) So there are lots of differences... US vs overseas, bolt on vs glued, price points, 24 vs 22, etc Curious tho if you had a choice between the two...
  14. Skeeter

    Can SH Specials Rock?

    I know that sounds like a silly, dumb guitar guy question - but every demo I’ve seen is mostly clean, with maybe a little bite or overdrive. I can understand being fascinating with its clean sounds, as they sound amazing and there are so many options. And maybe most want to emulate Mayer on...
  15. Skeeter

    509 vs SH Special

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone owns both of these or played both enough to be familiar with them. I’ve long wanted a 3 pup, HSH type PRS, and these both look like great options. I know the 509 has a different scale length. Otherwise, besides the SH (which is a big difference), the bodies and...
  16. Blake Rice

    Semi-Hollow Vela: Yea or Nay

    Hey all! I currently own a solid S2 Vela that I absolutely love. It has been my favorite guitar since day one, and I have put a lot of time and money into modding it and making it my own (including installing a trem. More on that later...). Anyway, I also currently own a McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow...
  17. Blakemore

    Very Happy NGD - 594 Semi Hollow Content

    Very excited to be back in the core family again. I have been out shopping for an HBII or P22 (something with a piezo) but came across this beauty here in Nashville around Thanksgiving. Every week since then I haven't been able to stop going in and playing on it. I finally realized what my...
  18. Ovibos

    Yellow? Can you hear me?

    Just got an email about this beastie @WildWestGuitars... If you want to make a statement, this is your tool.
  19. DavidRome

    PRS 408 vs 408 Semi-hollow Comparison

    I recently played a PRS 408 Semi-Hollow w/Rosewood Neck Wood Library guitar but I had to drive 3 hours to get there. I won't mention the dealer but they are sweet people. Lol I did meet several 408 owners and it seems that anyone who owns one of these is in love with it. Anyway, I took some...
  20. Stevie Rave On

    Getting Acoustic sound through f-hole

    I got my first PRS - a semi-hollow CU22 wood library, thinking of capturing sound inside or around the F-Hole. Not sure how it sounds and if it is worth trying. Anyone with Hollow Body or Semi-hollow tried this?