1. T

    NGD: 2022 Mark Holcomb SVN

    Follow up to my other two threads. TLDR: I bought one of these that had been messed with and didn't like it, but decided to get a proper one. Only played about 10 minutes, and still cold from sitting outside, so I'll put some more time into it this weekend. So far I love it though. Pickups are...
  2. R

    Need help to identify the year and model of this PRS

    I just bought my first PRS guitar from a friend of mine. It is a PRS SE Custom 24 and I would love to learn the year and colorway of this guitar just in case I have to sell it (hopefully not) in the future. Unfortunately, my friend is a dud who got this in a trade and did not bother knowing...
  3. S

    Help me decide

    Hello forum friends, I need your help deciding whether I should go for this as my next guitar. A few weeks ago, I saw a beautiful PRS Custom 22, Artist Pack made in 2001 (early second quarter) in Teal Black color. The guitar is equipped with Dragon IIs and has a Wide Fat neck. I'd like to know...
  4. Zanza-Dia-Phos

    NGD PRS McCarty 594 Single Cut 10 Top in Black Gold Burst

    Good day everyone! Well I actually bought this guitar last month but I just wanted to share some pictures of my new PRS McCarty 594 Single Cut 10top in Black Goldburst. The best guitar I have ever played. I love the tone, the neck is so comfortable, the pickups are so clear and pleasing to...
  5. Neal Brakey

    NGD Incoming|PRS Custom 24 Floyd Wood Library Satin Jade Smokeburst| My first Wood Library!

    Been on the lookout for a Modern Metal machine, and I happened across this beauty on Reverb. Has everything I need along with some great versatility when I need it. It's unfortunate I've not heard much about the \m/ Metal pickups, what's your personal experience with them? This will be my first...
  6. Ruben Bernard

    NGD Finally bought another one!!! And so the collection has begun :D

    Snagged this one from a dude on reverb. I don't think he knew it was one of the Limited Edition Stealth SEs since he had it spec'd as gloss finish and flame maple. Got it for £400 and only a few extra pennies here and there to fix it up :D I can now die happily
  7. Going Modal

    Would you like to bounce with the brother that's platinum?

    For as long as I've been a PRS fanboy, I've always been enamored by the Platinum Metallic opaque finish. And all the better to put this finish on a Standard 22, in which there's less reason to show off some sort of figured wood, right? Well, I now have my grubby little hands on one of these...
  8. Prina

    NGD - S2 McCarty Singlecut, getting black pickup rings

    This is my introduction to PRS guitars. I got back into playing a few years back, having played mostly a LP Deluxe from the fretless wonder era and a MIJ swamp ash Tele with Texas Special pups. Nice axes but, having drunk the Fractal Cool-Aid for the last year and noting how many of those the...
  9. L

    NGD Custom 24-08 cobalt blue

    I've read the stories about people having a long wait when ordering a core model, but 18months definitely put my patience to the test. Glad it's finally over.
  10. Julien

    NGD Fiore Black Iris Mod

    So!! After a rocky start (faulty microphonic Humbucker, and these vintage locking tuner not staying in tune), I can finally celebrate a NGD here!! The humbucker has been swapped for a brand new one that PRS Europe kindly sent. I also upgraded the tuners to the Phase III (I just love them on my...
  11. show_a_little_faith

    NGD - S2 594 Thinline

    So I told myself I was done after I bought my Core 594 Singlecut. Then, I said I was *really* done after I bought the Core Hollowbody Piezo. Then...I started reading up on the S2 Thinline, and was intrigued by the thinner neck carve, and thinner/lighter body. Came across this custom-colored...
  12. Broseph

    NGD x 2: 408 10 top and a Vela Reclaimed

    It’s been a fun journey thru PRS land. I’ve gone thru many models to find those I like. I’ve met plenty that intrigued me but these 2 are simply something else for me. The 408 electronics blow my mind. Why it didn’t catch on more is beyond me. My only guess would be the proprietary pickups. But...
  13. Stray Strummer

    NG'sD - Custom 24 ..........and McCarty - thanks to you guys!!

    Full disclosure. Not two new guitars on one day, but close enough that I'm combining them into one post. I actually picked up the faded green Custom 24 a few weeks ago......and then thanks to spending too much time on this forum got interested in the McCarty 594, and what do you know, one...
  14. show_a_little_faith

    NGD - Hollowbody II Piezo (one more try to fix pics!)

    I've never named any of my guitars before, but may I now introduce you all to "Neo": Originally had Gold tuner buttons, I had them swap out for the Faux Bone. I think they're a better match with the pickup rings Flame on! (along with some funky lighting reflections) I found several...
  15. A

    Happy New Gear Day! Well it was a happy NGD… until I took pics Stoked to have gotten this one off 594 thinline in surf green until while I was taking these pics I dropped my silicone encased phone on the guitar while trying to...
  16. Wakester

    The Officially Official New Guitar Day

    Some of you will remember that I had pretty bad accident back in February, when I went head on into a vehicle that crossed the double yellow line. As a result, I spent the rest of the day in the ER and out of work until June with a broken hand. During my recovery I bought my SE Hollow Body II...
  17. P

    NGD - Vela SH VCS!

    Was very skeptical about the vintage cherry, the satin nitro, the S2 hype, the Vela. But now. Now I’m enlightened! So light! So red! Smooth! I'm just going to keep listing positive adjectives here! Just Wow!
  18. Patrick Montgomery

    NGD - Roxy Pink SS

    I was able to score this beauty with a luckily timed call to Willcutt’s on my way home from work today before they listed it! I am very happy with the way the pink looks in person, and the guitar feels/sounds phenomal! I’ve seen a few of these trickling out on Reverb so hopefully some of you...
  19. Patrick Montgomery


  20. DrReiCow

    NGD: Wood Library McCarty 594

    My first PRS! 2021 Wood Library 594 with flame maple 10-top, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, East Indian rosewood neck, mahogany back, in indigo violet finish. :) Moo