prs reclaimed limited

  1. Broseph

    NGD x 2: 408 10 top and a Vela Reclaimed

    It’s been a fun journey thru PRS land. I’ve gone thru many models to find those I like. I’ve met plenty that intrigued me but these 2 are simply something else for me. The 408 electronics blow my mind. Why it didn’t catch on more is beyond me. My only guess would be the proprietary pickups. But...
  2. omnilion

    Reclaimed Limited CE24 / Experience 2007 Custom 24 / 513?

    Hi all, new to the forums here but I need your advice/tips/experience. I own an S2 Custom 22 Semi-hollow, and am looking to branch out with my PRS'. Thus, I'm now faced with the dilemma of choosing between a Reclaimed Limited CE24 Semi-hollow, Experience 2007 Custom 24, and a 513 from '08. Now...