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Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by titansfan4196, Jan 31, 2018.

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    Trying to decide between maple neck + rosewood fretboard, or rosewood neck + ebony fretboard. Currently have the S2 CU24 with mahogany neck + rosewood fretboard. Looking for more of a brighter sound... Maple neck + ebony fretboard was way too bright when I found one at the store to try... Can’t seem to find the other two combos. Our stores’ selections suck lol. So I’m looking online.
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    I’ve had several maple neck PRSes, including one of my current 594s, a McCarty, and two CU22 Soapbars, and a couple with mahogany/ebony. I’ve also had a few rosewood neck PRSes, but with rosewood fretboards.

    It’s not that the maple/rosewood is brighter; with a more scooped midrange, the treble seems a little snappier and brighter because the tonal balance is different. You get slightly more of a “flute” sound, for want of a better description, in the neck pickup. I don’t hear a huge difference in the bridge pickup.

    The biggest difference with ebony is that the note attack is very fast. Again, that gives the impression of brightness when actually it’s more of an ADSR envelope thing.

    I think you’ll find that mahogany/ebony is going to have more sparkle than rosewood/ebony. Rosewood necks seem to accentuate the lower mids a bit, however, the combination with ebony seems like it’d be interesting.
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    I've got maple/maple, mahogany/ebony, mahogany/rosewood and rosewood/ziricote. The maple to my ears seems a bit more punchy for lack of a better term...great note definition and clarity, mahogany combos a little more warm...especially with rosewood fingerboard. My fave is the east indian rosewood with ziricote fingerboard...kinda hits that in-between sweet spot for what I like for sound. Warmish, yet plenty of note definition and the figuring in the ziricote looks really cool too! Just my 2 know what they say about opinions :)
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    I doubt if rosewood/ebony is going to get you brighter than mahogany/rosewood.
    I really like mahogany/ebony.

    For what it is worth, here are thoughts I documented a while back.

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