rosewood neck

  1. Going Modal

    How would you take your 53/10 pickups, and in what?

    I'm highly interested in getting a PRSi with 53/10's but there seem to be several (relatively different) models/avenues along which they were offered. In your opinion, which of those is most desirable or best showcases the sonic beauty of the 53/10 pickups?
  2. A

    509 vs Semi-Hollow special

    I was originally on the hunt for a PRS 509 but then ran into the Semi-Hollow Special. I am now down the rabbit hole of not being able to decide between these two instruments. I have played each briefly but not side by side. One of the big problems is that is it nearly impossible to find a place...
  3. Skeeter

    Swamp Ash Cu24s

    Anyone have experience with a Cu24 with a swamp ash body? I like Ash in my favorite Strat - a litttle scooped and sparkly. But, not sure how they would work in a H-H PRS. I’m looking at one with high output pickups and a RW neck. I’m thinking maybe it’s gonna be a scooped mids thing for...
  4. Ovibos

    NUGD - Wood Library Custom 24, rosewood neck

    I've been stalking this one on Reverb for a while, even made a (rejected) offer - when lo and behold, 15% off for Black Friday week! It's dead mint, and I got it for a steal. Strings may have even been the stock ones it shipped with in 2017 from @MooreGuitars... cut them off, cleaned the...
  5. Ytolyccuz

    Best Pickup choices for Mccarty 594 with Rosewood Neck

    Hi, I am very much interested to get your feedback great pickups for Mccarty 594 with a rosewood neck. I find the neck pickup too dark and the bridge pickup could use a little more output. What I'm looking for is a brighter sound as I find my guitar too dark compared to rest of my guitars...
  6. Skeeter

    Rosewood Neck Maintenance

    So the rosewood neck on one of PRSi has developed a little rough patch around the first position. I guess I’ve never owned a RW-necked guitar this long before, so I don’t know if this is just ordinary wear and tear for it and its thin satin finish? Should I be using guitar oils/conditioners on...
  7. T

    Neck combos...

    Trying to decide between maple neck + rosewood fretboard, or rosewood neck + ebony fretboard. Currently have the S2 CU24 with mahogany neck + rosewood fretboard. Looking for more of a brighter sound... Maple neck + ebony fretboard was way too bright when I found one at the store to try... Can’t...
  8. jiff

    NGD Custom 22 Rosewood Neck

    I bought a 1997 PRS Standard 24 last year and that guitar was the first guitar to really open my eyes to what PRS is all about. Ever since then, I've been on the lookout for a Custom, especially one with the unfinished rosewood neck and a stop-tail. Having never played a guitar with a solid...