Swamp Ash Cu24s


New Member
Jan 12, 2013
Anyone have experience with a Cu24 with a swamp ash body? I like Ash in my favorite Strat - a litttle scooped and sparkly. But, not sure how they would work in a H-H PRS.

I’m looking at one with high output pickups and a RW neck. I’m thinking maybe it’s gonna be a scooped mids thing for metal? With the RW neck adding back in some low-mids.

It’s just an interesting guitar, and I might be down for a unique Cu24. I’m just not sure how those tone woods work together, and have no frame of reference.

Any experience? Thanks.
I have a Custom 24 with a swamp ash body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. I’ve found it to be fairly bright and extremely articulate. You can really hear every note in a chord and it cuts through the mix very well in live situations. Mine has 85\15s in it but I think it would also sound excellent with some high gain pickups for metal.