My first NGD in about 3 decades (and first ever PRS)!!!

In my experience it is more an exponential thing. Give it time
Very nice very nice very nicely done! Congrats on a great looking guitar!

Coincidentally, I've got an '86 Charvel Model 4 with the active pickups and the Kahler sitting in a buddy's studio where it's been for the last 15 years or so... Always liked those early Japanese Charvels with the narrow nut-width and "'60s Fender-y" neck profiles and great quality builds. I still really enjoy playing that guitar whenever I go over to see him...
That’s cool congrats!! Welcome to the forum. Straight jackets are to the left and KoolAid is on the right. Since you’re new here, you should know…nobody touches my crayons. ;) Enjoy!
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