My First PRS--Paul's Guitar Core


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Feb 20, 2024
Evanston, IL
So I've been playing guitar on and off for about 45 years. I've always played Gibsons and Fenders (and Martins for accoustic). Decided to dip my toes in the PRS world with a Paul's Guitar. Loved the specs and the feel of the neck. Founds a new 2023 model for a really good price. Holy crap. I am loving this guitar. I can't believe the quality of it. It came out of the box with a perfect setup from the factory. Not sure I have to tweak too much on it. My 2008 Les Paul, which I love now, took a lot of money to get right. Frets weren't great. Neck had a hump in it. Electronics sucked. Stock pickups sucked. It is a great guitar now after spending another $2k to get it there over time. My fenders are all really good, but all required some fret work, new nuts and fret work.

This guitar is absolutely amazing. The attention to detail is incredible. It sounds really good, but it also feels amazing. I am so impressed and super bummed out that I didn't consider PRS guitars earlier. Will never buy a Gibson again. And most likely will never buy a Fender again. I am already thinking about which PRS guitar I want next!

Here she is.

I am just bummed I waited so long!

I fell in love with the first PRS I ever saw. I was homeless and hiding from the rain in a guitar store in Boulder, Co. I played that guitar for an hour and it made me want to not be homeless any longer, just so I could have a guitar like that. Took me 20 years to get an SE, and 27 to get a core PRS. I also wish I had moved on both much sooner.
Congratulations! Your guitar looks stunning! I ordered a Paul’s guitar and hope to get it soon. I ordered the same color you have. I’m a recent owner of PRS guitars with some DGT‘s and a Studio. They’re fantastic. All of my PRS guitars have trems which I like a lot. I want a non trem guitar too for quickly switching tunings and I’m interested in the narrow field pickups on the Paul’s guitar. I also have an old 76 Les Paul that my dad gave me when I was a teenager. I like the Gibson, but my PRS guitars are better in every way.