Custom 24 nitro refin: what happens with the serial number and the logo?


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Sep 3, 2022
Sup guys. Recently I opened a post about changing the pickups of my CU24 (Its a 2007). Im also thinking about getting a good refinish, probably a nice nitro aged Goldtop.

The guitar is all black with a quilted maple top... a couple of questions:

1) Would it be "fine" to just refin the top, thus making it a nitro gold top with a dark back, like old Les Pauls?
2) Whats the deal with the serial number behind the headstock and the logo? Is it necessary to remove those details in order to give it a full nitro refin? Im just really ignorant about the whole process.

I know it would be easier to just sell it and buy another one, but its a fantastic guitar, i love the feel, the weight and the overall vibe of the instrument, just trying to give it new looks.
As long the guitar keeps the MODCAT sticker (with the s/n, too) within the compartment of the treble pickup...

Who is tasked to execute the modification?
I would strip the whole guitar because of a uniformly nitro coating.

If PTC is doing the job, I suppose they would add the golden s/n again on the back side of the headstock. Any other painter must add it on order prior the last layer has been put on.