What is the difference between the Silver Sky's Satin Moc Sand finish vs the other gloss versions apart from surface texture?


New Member
Oct 22, 2023
I've been wondering about the differences while doing my due diligence. I've read people mention that the satin moc sand is thinner and easier to chip, which doesn't bother me one bit and is actually an interesting feature for me. I'm just curious if it's true and if so why? From what I understand, the gloss versions have a poly undercoat topped with nitro, and it doesn't wear as easily as lets say a Fender thinskin finish. But what about the moc sand satin?

My understanding of satin finishes is that it's usually sprayed thinner because there is no need to top with clear or to wet sand back down to a polish-able gloss surface. Is that the same case here as well, or perhaps the poly undercoat is thinner or even absent? If anyone knows I'd really appreciate the info. Thanks!