1. J

    Custom 24 nitro refin: what happens with the serial number and the logo?

    Sup guys. Recently I opened a post about changing the pickups of my CU24 (Its a 2007). Im also thinking about getting a good refinish, probably a nice nitro aged Goldtop. The guitar is all black with a quilted maple top... a couple of questions: 1) Would it be "fine" to just refin the top...
  2. Julian

    PTC refinish

    Hello all, I was wondering if PTC resumed refinishing or if they still suspended that.
  3. A

    Grey/black stain questions! Help pls!

    Ok so I bought a book matched truss rod cover from reverb that I’m stoked on but need help with suggestions on what stain I should pick up to try and color match my grey/black CE24. Any suggestions would be amazing or do you think I should just suck it up and take it into a local Vegas luthier...
  4. anesthetize

    PRS Refinish Alternatives to PTC (they've halted such jobs!)

    Hi all! I'm based out of NY and wanted to know if folks had any luck getting their PRS's refinished outside of the PTC. For context, I reached out to PTC but they have stopped taking refinish jobs owing the manual labor involved (UNRELATED TO COVID-19). The guitar I'm seeking to refinish is...
  5. taresushant

    PRS refinish question: tinted lacquer?

    Hi all, I have a Custom 24 in Eriza Verde and wanted to see if there was an easy DIY option to refinish it. I have heard that traditional refinishing is extremely hard (except for the PTC I guess), since the base-coat underneath the 2K clear-coat is fullerplast that seeps into the wood and...
  6. C

    Refinish - options in Germany / Europe?

    Hi everyone, after a long time of pondering the shipping and costs etc. for having my '97 CE refinished at the PTC, I dropped them a lengthy mail with all the ideas and details I considered. Unfortunately, since I am located in Germany, I only received a short answer, informating me that PRS...