1. J

    Custom 24 nitro refin: what happens with the serial number and the logo?

    Sup guys. Recently I opened a post about changing the pickups of my CU24 (Its a 2007). Im also thinking about getting a good refinish, probably a nice nitro aged Goldtop. The guitar is all black with a quilted maple top... a couple of questions: 1) Would it be "fine" to just refin the top...
  2. J

    Help me pick some humbuckers for my CU24

    Hey guys, I have a Core CU24 (2007) that's my main guitar and i wanna try some new pickups. In an ideal world i'd buy some DGT pickups but those are nowhere to be found, so im tempted to buy a set of used Dragon I. Lollar Imperials are another alternative im considering.
  3. E

    How to wire 85/15S pickups with US electronics

    Hi everyone, I have a PRS SE Custom 24 I want to upgrade however I walk into some problems and I hope you can help me. I have this US electronics set now in my guitar and will keep on using the PRS 85/15S picksups I already have. These pickups have a black, red, green and white wire (the green...
  4. J

    Trouble finding pickguards online to customize SE P20E Antique White.

    Hey everyone. I don't know if any other guitar players out there, who own the SE P20E, have run into this issue as well when looking to customize their acoustic? I've spent days, even weeks, looking online for pickguards that match the dimensions of the one that comes on the SE P20E and haven't...
  5. Moondog Wily

    The "Forum Package"

    Let me start with a short prayer: "Dear Paul, who art in Stevensville, protect me in my pure and heartfelt efforts!" So @]-[@n$0Ma☩!© recently posted a new iteration of the "Forum Guitar" project and I respect his efforts. My suggestion of cosmetic features only was dismissed, and that is fine...
  6. Patrick Montgomery

    Narrowfield Coil Tap/Split

    Is there a version of the Narrowfield that has a coil tap or split? I am trying to spec out a PS build of a SSH, with some custom switching and didn't know if they had ever offered that. I have a WL SHH and love the tone of the Narrowfield, but would like the option to have more tonal...
  7. EricB

    2011 custom 24

    Hey, new to the forum, first post. I've been wondering for a while now who I would talk to about options on my guitar. I have a 2011 custom 24 10 top in blue matteo with hollow birds, chrome hardware and a 3way toggle. I have not been able to find a picture of another guitar like it. They all...
  8. Patrick Montgomery

    Private Stock orders during lockdown

    I have a deal with my wife that when I finish grad school I can get my first PS to celebrate! As things stand now, we might still be in lockdown/quarantine when that happens. I always dreamed of going to the factory with a dealer to pick the woods I want and everything. I wanted to see it in...
  9. S

    Modifying a Private Stock Headstock Inlay & Refinish.

    I have two blue Private stock PRS's. One I left in a case and forgot about, and the other so nice I left it on a stand by a open window for a few years. As you can imagine that guitar is no longer blue, and now more of a light grey. I really don't like it, and I really want a Scarlet Red guitar...
  10. Rockula

    Pickup Polarity on the Customs?

    Howdy everyone, A couple years ago, I did a major rewiring round on my Santana SE. The idea was to get to some of the options on the Customs. I swapped out the selector switch for a 5-position rotary, and wired it to get the Custom combos. I also swapped out the pickup magnets, and even their...
  11. Dragon In Paris

    Can a person have a custom 1 off PRS built?

    I am interested in having a 1 off PRS double neck guitar custom built. With elaborate Dragons and stuff inlaid on the body and fretboard, kind of like the 20th anniversary Dragon, but completely different. .594 style, stop tail, Brazilian neck and Brazilian fretboard. Is this something that...
  12. Tim Holt

    Repairing 2002 CU22 Pickup Covers

    Hi all, I recently purchased a used 2002 Custom 22 - it's gorgeous but the pickup covers and stoptail are pretty tarnished. What would you use to restore the shine on the covers and stoptail? Thanks in advance!
  13. alex1fly

    Hot ebony pics + SE Custom fret questions

    Hey everyone, new to the forum and a happy new owner of a PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd (2019). I have to thank the quarantine for this guitar, because I was away visiting family when the shelter orders came down and was able to stay with the family for many, many weeks while working remotely. I needed...
  14. Gaige Nale

    Putting McCarty pickups in a Singlecut Se 245

    I bought some gold covered McCarty pickups that are secondhand online. Planning to swap out the standard zebra ones (2019) and install the McCartys. It's my first time doing an upgrade like this and I will have some help but wanted to make sure there is no issue with putting these pickups in...
  15. ESPImperium

    NGD: PRS SE Custom 24

    Finally got rid of my Ibanez 7 string, Ive came to the realisation im not a 7 string player now. Tried the SE Holcomb 7 and i just for the love of me can't play a 7 string. But i have my SE Mushock, that will do for the low stuff. However, after trying a Jackson SL2Q MAH in Winterstorm, and...
  16. Jkater

    Fitting a Calton case to the SS

    Twelve years ago, I ordered a custom fitted Calton case in Calgary for a now-sold short horns DC style guitar. Kept the case, of course, but being exactly fitted to that guitar, it didn't fit anything else until I decided to put the scissors and thread and needle (and some sweat) into it. It now...
  17. Skeeter

    Coil Tap using Push/Pull with a 5-way

    Hi, I was wondering about possible electronic mods to a Custom 24 with a 5-way blade (latest version). If I were to install a push/pull tone pot to split the neck pickup - would I need further upgrades, like a 5-way “mega” blade? If needed, would it be easier (and possible) to change...
  18. T

    Angelus SE Custom vs. Angelus SE A40E

    Hello, I was looking for a good quality guitar that would be affordable for me. First, I found this Angelus SE A40E. Sounds pretty good, looks amazing, thats it! Suddenly, one of the shop employees told me that there is similar guitar called Angelus SE Custom. He claimed Custom very similar to...
  19. danktat

    Brazilian Girl (pix)

    Sometimes, there is no more beautiful a girl than a Brazilian. :-D I am sorry I don't have much of a variety of PRSs to post, but here is what I got. Hope you don't get bored seeing her. Thanks for looking.
  20. M

    No pickguard for Custom?

    I started playing in July 2017 on acoustic and am preparing to get an electric. I haven’t quite figured out what guitar I want, but PRS is the front runner as I liked how they felt most. One thing I am concerned with is scuffing up whatever beauty I end up buying. I have my eye on several...