1. C

    PRS 2022 Wood Library McCarty nitro lacquer checking

    Hello everyone! I am new to the PRS family. First post here! Bought a beautiful wood library McCarty with artist top in Faded Blue Jean about two months ago. Fantastic sounding guitar. I have kept the guitar in the hardshell case it came with. It has been played only around the house, and...
  2. K

    Nitro tone is so much better than poly tone

    Hi everyone, so I’ve been playing guitar for three months now and I’ve dedicated a substantial amount of that time to finding out which sounds better, nitro or poly. First I tried a guitar with a poly finish and it’s sounded completely lifeless. Then, I tried a guitar with a nitro finish, and...
  3. Utkarsh

    Review: 2020 PRS Custom 24 with Nitro and TCI

    Some of you may recall my Quarantine NGD post back in January when I became a proud owner of an Artist Pack Custom 24 in Purple with a Maple fretboard and neck. This guitar has been my main band...
  4. MrSuperstar


  5. anesthetize

    PRS Refinish Alternatives to PTC (they've halted such jobs!)

    Hi all! I'm based out of NY and wanted to know if folks had any luck getting their PRS's refinished outside of the PTC. For context, I reached out to PTC but they have stopped taking refinish jobs owing the manual labor involved (UNRELATED TO COVID-19). The guitar I'm seeking to refinish is...