2019 McCarty Finish Chipping


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Jan 16, 2023
I made a post about this a few days ago but am replacing with this for better accuracy. It originally specified Nitro over CAB in the title, but now I'm not positive so I'll leave that out. I'm the second owner of a 2019 McCarty with a nice Black Gold Burst 10 top. It came to me with a bunch of small chips in the finish around the body which a local luthier filled about a month ago. Now after a month of light use and hanging in a stand I have new chips on both sides of the neck. I think I'll continue to fill these for now as a complete refinish seems overkill for a guitar that still looks good from a distance. Anyway, just curious about other's experience, short term remediations, and if anyone wound up going the full refinish route. Thanks.

ps In my deleted post a user recommended I pad my Hercules hanging rack. However, I'm somewhat tempted to let the chipping run its course in the contact area and then fill with something durable. Does that seem reasonable? I've never dealt with this before.

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