Temporary Pickguard for SE McCarty?


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Apr 5, 2024
My new PRS SE McCarty 594 is arriving any day now.
I'm a little concerned about it not having a pickguard.
I'd like to maintain the beautiful finish so I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with those temporary pickguards available on Amazon?
I think Taylor makes one.
I'm sure it would need to be trimmed to fit properly, but are they safe on the PRS finish?

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but...
If it's anything like my 3 SEs with gloss finish, it is far from perfect; lots of wheel burn.
IMO, as is, it's not worth protecting with a pickguard.

Here's my SE McCarty 594 SC that I'm almost done polishing out.


Polish it out with meguiar's liquid car cleaner/ polish When you change strings. A pick guard will get in the way of your picking hand.
My suggestion is to start with Meguiars Ultimate rubbing compound; cleaner/polish is not aggressive enough. Finish with Meguiars Ultimate polish. I've found anything finer and it starts to haze.
It usually takes me several applications of each.
Some spots are so bad, I have to start with micro mesh(4,000-12,000)
I've seen soooo many pics of PRS guitars (SE and USA) over the years and can't think of a single one that showed significant wear in the picking area.

Unless you have a really brutal downstroke on the high strings, I wouldn't sweat it.

And I concur with this:
Se poly is as thick, tough, and durable as a street walker in NYC during the 80s