1. wdperkins

    2019 McCarty Finish Chipping

    I made a post about this a few days ago but am replacing with this for better accuracy. It originally specified Nitro over CAB in the title, but now I'm not positive so I'll leave that out. I'm the second owner of a 2019 McCarty with a nice Black Gold Burst 10 top. It came to me with a bunch...
  2. T

    Question about finish on 2021 CE24

    Hey Folks, I just bought my first US build. Not in core territory yet, but got a CE and I'm absolutely in love. That said, I was curious about the finish. I can't find any stats on the body finish, but the website says the neck has a satin nitro finish. I've also read that all US builds now...
  3. P

    SE Headstock Decal Question

    Does anyone know from experience or reliable source how deep the SE decal lay on pre-sig headstocks? I have no intention ever to attempt to deceive anyone (and the back of the headstock spells it all out pretty clearly) but I'd rather have the PRS signature and a small SE than a HUGE SE and no...
  4. AlexBohlin

    Question regarding CE24 Semi-Hollow

    Heya, everyone! I'm kind of new to all the possible customizations available for PRS guitars and what you can and can't do outside of Private Stock and so on. I'm fairly certain I want my next guitar to be a CE24 semi-hollow in either amber or sunburst, but while browsing the web I found this...
  5. Talen O

    Help identifying this finish

    Hey guys sorta new here, been a member for years but never really posted. I recently came into possession of my first USA PRS, an '09 Custom 24 and I'm trying to figure out what color it is. It looks sorta like a black gold burst only without the black around the edges. Will post pics once I'm...
  6. Rüdi_S

    SE Tonare - finish?

    Hi there, can anybody tell me if my T40E natural has a nitro finish or not? I think about putting a pickguard on it, but I read the adhesives can react to the finish...? have a great day Rüdiger
  7. Atlantic

    NGD: Finish checking on a 2020 SC594 McCarty affecting value?

    Hi everybody, this is my first post in the forum. Writing from Spain. I have had a couple of PRS guitars over the years. A Custom 24 that was nice but I didn't love it and ended up selling and more recently a double cut 594 McCarty that I do love and it's one of my favorite guitars. Well, just...
  8. A

    Grey/black stain questions! Help pls!

    Ok so I bought a book matched truss rod cover from reverb that I’m stoked on but need help with suggestions on what stain I should pick up to try and color match my grey/black CE24. Any suggestions would be amazing or do you think I should just suck it up and take it into a local Vegas luthier...
  9. AragonWingfoot

    Purple Finish Fading

    So I’ve heard a lot about blue fading and seen what that looks like. Does anybody have examples of what a purple would look like when it fades. I have a Wood Library Purple mist and would like to “see into the future.” Thanks everybody!
  10. Skeeter

    Rapid fading of certain finishes?

    Hi, I’m looking at a used (a little over 2 years old) PRS in Faded Blue Jean. I was able to find its original listing and the color has faded a good bit since then. The extremely trustworthy, big time PRS dealer tells me that FBJ finish has a very common fading problem, and otherwise lists...
  11. Skeeter

    Rapid fading of specific colors?

    Hi, I’m looking at a used (a little over 2 years old) PRS in Faded Blue Jean. I was able to find its original listing and the color has faded a good bit since then. The extremely trustworthy, big time PRS dealer tells me that FBJ finish has a very common fading problem, and otherwise lists...
  12. anesthetize

    PRS Refinish Alternatives to PTC (they've halted such jobs!)

    Hi all! I'm based out of NY and wanted to know if folks had any luck getting their PRS's refinished outside of the PTC. For context, I reached out to PTC but they have stopped taking refinish jobs owing the manual labor involved (UNRELATED TO COVID-19). The guitar I'm seeking to refinish is...
  13. G

    (SOLVED! Post #19) - Lines/Checking Under Silver Sky Finish (Frost)

    Hey y'all - long time reader, first time poster. Forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere - I searched but could not find anything regarding this. I've got a ton of parallel lines that look like "checking" underneath the Frost White finish. Hard to see unless you catch the light just...
  14. AragonWingfoot

    New 2020 Guitar Line Changes

    I recently acquired a wood library Hollowbody with a 2020 serial number, would it have the new finish and TCI pickups etc...?
  15. C

    how to find out what finish was used on my guitar

    Hello, I'm new here and I hope you don't mind me starting with a question. I recently bought a CE 24 (2018 model) in a color given by the retailer as "Scarlet Red Smokedburst" - indeed the model was given as "PRS CE 24 Korina CC LTD" which might be a run for retailers in europe (couldn't find...
  16. B

    The finish on US PRSes?

    Sorry if this is a super uninformed question, but my SC 245 and McCarty are the only US made guitars I have, and neither of them feel like the far East guitars, which all have poly finishes. I assumed the McCarty was nitrocellulose finish when I first touched it, but I couldn't be sure without a...
  17. L

    Help about finish.

    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a prs se multifoil guitar. (A 2018 I think), and I’m tired of taking it out of the case and putting it back in. I want to get a cheap normal guitar stand, but I don’t know if it is safe for the multifoil finish. Does anyone know what multifoil is made from...
  18. J

    1990 PRS Chips in Finish

    New to this site. Hope this is the correct forum. After Purchasing my PRS in 1990, I purchased a Santana Strap hand Made in Africa. It is beautiful. Anyway, I did not notice the shells hanging from it. Which rattled against the top of the guitar. So before spending a Gazzilion dollars on...
  19. Leonardo Caruso

    SE CU24 x S2 Std Satin 24 - (Which Should I Buy?)

    Hi guys. Hoping not to create a thread that already exists. Looked in forum and couldn't find the answer to this. It's my first time at this forum and it will be my first PRS too. And I'm really in need of help to decide if I should buy a SE Custom 24 (2017 Trampas Green) or a S2 Standard 24...
  20. Lbushwhack88

    Deliberate sunlight UV finish fading

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone has had decent luck with this. I've seen quite a few (mostly les paul) forum posts about intentionally fading guitar finishes, but I am wondering how many of you have had success stories with it. I've got an 08 Matteo blue custom 22 that I'm debating...