2018 McCarty Finish Repair

I was thinking along those lines.
I had a black bass that got a chunk out of it. I went to an auto dealer, got a matching touch up paint pen and it worked like a charm. If the price is fair considering the chip, I’d be tempted to consider it a touch of character.
I think it's fair. It's actually a trade for an player '06 513.
The pen itself is made of poly-whatever but the ink is "components including color pigments, solvents, resins, moisturizers, solubilizers, leveling agents, assistants, organic solvents, polyvinyl alcohol, acrylamide, heptylalcohol, triethanolamine, isothiazolinone, mill base, plasticizer, release agent, drying retardant, surfactant, benzene peptide type dye, acidic compounds, acetone, a thickening agent, preservatives, and essence" That's a lot of chemicals to alter your mind.. huffing experiment in shop class during lunch. o_O
This should be fairly easy repair. Being on the edge complicates it a bit. However, with it being black, it can be blended in enough that it would be pretty hard to see. There may be a witness line but it would be fairly well hidden. You would need to get it in the right light to see it.