NGD: 2018 wood library Mccarty 594 semi hollow


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Jun 24, 2021
arrived wednesday, very nice in every way. sounds and plays excellent. i want to thank everyone who replied to my other thread regarding this 2018, it was helpful because i am not "up" on PRS guitars and things they have done to the different models over the years.

i had taken notice of this guitar about this time last year, march 2021. Willcutt guitars had it listed and i noticed it had 2018 on the headstock. i don't think they had a lot of NOS McCartys at the time and it made me wonder what might be wrong with it. it looked good in the shop photos, was listed as 6.1 lbs(NOT, its 7 lbs even, but thats ok, it balances and feels fine, seated or standing), price listed wasn't ginormeous(and they will deal on some things).

about a month ago something caught my attention regarding the 594 hollowbody II. i've always been a huge fan, and prefer, semi or full hollowbody electrics. i have a thinline 60's Tele that is ash and weighs 5.5 lbs and is such an awesome guitar(it is the one that has spoiled me and is what all other electrics are compared too). i was chasing a hollowbody II, but also interested in a semi hollow 594(but these were hard to find). around 2 weeks ago i remembered the 2018 at willcutt guitars and looked online. there it was. still for sale. hummm, something evidently had to be wrong with that guitar. rolled thoughts around for 3 days and finally called in the order. they have a 7 day return window, so you do have a chance to not be rushed if there is anything happening in your life when fedex drops off your box. was given a fair price(i am in Ky so there is the tax addition, but he took that into account).

it arrived wed midday, but due to taking care of elderly parents(92 yrs old), i was fully occupied until 2am. finally had time to open the box and case and visually was blown away. it looked soooo much better than the pictures on the willcutt website. lifted it out of the case and it was brand new in condition and had that "new case" smell. the case is one of the black paisley editions and very classy......and very heavy(i weighed guitar in case and it was around 23 lbs).

out of the case, the action was very good, and it played extremely well immediately.

i had 3 unknowns that had been stalling me on this purchase.
(1)i wondered if the vintage pattern neck would be too thick or bulky for me(its not, i think its even a better fit for me than the pattern thin that is on the CE 24 and thinline S2 594).
(2) i wondered if the guitar didn't sound good or something else and why it had not been purchased.
(3) very impressed with this(first core model i've played) and cannot remember the third concern i had.........

i did remove some relief and dropped the string action a little. i need to adjust pickup heights since i moved the action down, and i'll check intonation. everything else is perfect. fretwork, tone, feel in the hand, such an amazing instrument. it has a classy look that is not "too much".

the cocobolo fretboard and headstock veneer are a nice touch. i like subtle colors of reddish brown like bubinga and coco on fretboards. love the phase 3 tuners. there's not a thing i would change. (i know the truss rod cover is missing in the pics, i keep them off a day or two after an adjustment to make sure).
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folks, sorry about the photos, not sure whats wrong as i've posted some pics in other threads and never had an issue. i'll see if i can get them to appear for you.
does anyone see them?
they appear for me of course when i open this subforum. will see what i can do.