Ce 24 Semi Hollow bad pickup


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Apr 26, 2012
Gophers Hollow, Indiana
Last night i was in a bit of a rush setting up for a gig and didnt get to check my rig until about 10 minutes till downbeat. When i did i had no output. After panicing for a moment i noticed the pickup selector was set in the neck position, when i moved it to the middle position i got the bridge pickup. I almost always bring a spare guitar but due to the stage size last night i didnt. Im not a bridge pickup only guy but i made it through the gig.

Im thinking about what i should do. Im thinking first i should call the dealer that i bought it from, Willcutt to see what my options are before i troubleshoot it as my warrenty expired last week. Of course it did! I know I can contact prs as well but i thought id start with the dealer.

It could be a cold solder joint or other wiring issues or tthe pickup could be dead. If the pickup is toast Im hoping to replace it with the 8515 as i really like that pickup in there.

Has anyone else had an issue with a dead pickup on a prs andhow did you resolve it? Hopefully its just a wiring issue!
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