Viability (and recommendations) of replacing 2016 CE 24 bridge pickup?


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Jun 23, 2019
Hi Folks. My 2016 CE 24 is the guitar I've used in various weekend bands, and I like most everything about it except the bridge pickup. (I want to keep the neck pickup.) To my ear it's a bit too nasal/honky. It's not horrible (I can make it work with the Helix I use for gigs), but in an ideal world it would have a little less bite and less midrange - "warmer," maybe is a way to describe it.

My question: Has anyone felt the same way and successfully replaced the bridge pickup? How difficult was it? Was the wiring confusing? I'd still want the coil split/tap to work well, which I imagine (?) would limit which replacement pickups would work well. I'd also want the output volume to match the stock neck pickup (which I love, BTW).

Finally, I'd really like to know what specific replacement bridge pickup you chose, and how it ended up comparing to the stock one.

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Your post is a little confusing.

Are you wanting to replace neck PU, bridge PU or both?
Drat - thanks for the catch. I want to replace the *bridge* pickup, but keep the neck pickup. Sorry for the botched post - I fixed it above.
Maybe others can advise on pickup choice, but if you have experience soldering, replacing a pickup is not a difficult thing. Watch some YouTube videos... the coil tap adds a bit more complexity, but you're basically removing a wire and replacing it with another.
OP are you looking for brighter...more sizzle....higher output?? I have S2s with a BK mule and a SD JB both great but quite em both though....when you get a suggestion youtube to pup to get an idea....
Go To And Listen To The Pickups Audio Samples And See What You Gravitate Towards Then You Will Have An Idea On Output, Magnet Type, Etc And Then You Can Better Decide What Other Choices From PRS And Other Offerings Align With What You Are Gravitating Towards.

The Will Save You A Lot Of Time And Frustration. We All Can Suggest Things But Our Suggestions May Not Align With Your Wants/Needs In The Same Way And The Words We Use To Describe Things May Mean Different Things To Us Than They Do You. Additionally, Each Guitar Is Unique In Its Own Natural Song Character And That Can Never Change. The Wood Is The Wood. It Is Also A Good Idea To Know What Your Guitar Produces Naturally In The Sonic Spectrum. Is It Lacking Low End Naturally? Is It Bright? Does It Naturally Have A Lot Of Midrange? Things Like That Need To Be Considered As Well. When You Know The Things I Have Mentioned Then You Can Narrow Down Your Choices And Hopefully Find The Right Pickup For Your Musical Wants And Needs. I Am Happy To Help Further With Suggestions Once You Know These Things, Otherwise Myself And Everybody Else Are Just Telling You What They Like. Also, What Music You Play Could Be Helpful As Well In Suggesting Possible Options.
Drat - thanks for the catch. I want to replace the *bridge* pickup, but keep the neck pickup. Sorry for the botched post - I fixed it above.
I have a 97 ce24 and I put the M bridge with 8515 neck. Got something not right and need to get it done so I can do a tone report.

8515 neck is a fantastic pickup and I'm hoping the M bridge works out.

I did not care for 8515 bridge pickup either.
Go to and listen to the pickups audio samples and see what you gravitate towards then you will have an idea on output, magnet type, etc and then you can better decide what other choices from prs and other offerings align with what you are gravitating towards.

This will save you a lot of time and frustration. We all can suggest things but our suggestions may not align with your wants/needs in the same way and the words we use to describe things may mean different things to us than they do you. Additionally, each guitar is unique in its own natural song character and that can never change. The wood is the wood. It is also a good idea to know what your guitar produces naturally in the sonic spectrum. Is it lacking low end naturally? Is it bright? Does it naturally have a lot of midrange? Things like that need to be considered as well. When you know the things i have mentioned then you can narrow down your choices and hopefully find the right pickup for your musical wants and needs. I am happy to help further with suggestions once you know these things, otherwise myself and everybody else are just telling you what they like. Also, what music you play could be helpful as well in suggesting possible options.

Thanks very much for all of your replies! Regarding genre, I'm in a cover band that does songs from 60s to 20s, and I like my tone to at least be in the spirit of the original, without going nuts over it. I use a Helix.