Converting S2 Standard to Custom 24 Wiring

Mind Flayer

New Member
Apr 25, 2018
Picked up a used S2 Standard today. It's in great shape, I'm loving the feel of this thing.

But I'd really like to change the wiring/pickup selection configuration so that it exactly matches what I have on my 2020 Core Custom 24 -- that one has the 5-way blade with volume and tone (no push/pull, no mini switches).

Would the stock S2 pickups work with the Custom 24 configuration? I've read that you can't get the Custom 24 wiring config with most humbuckers, that there's something about the PRS wiring of the pickups that makes that possible. I just don't know if the stock S2 pickups will work.

Also, is there some sort of wiring harness I could get that gives me the same parts that would come in a stock Core Custom 24?
Thanks! Found a wiring harness on guitar center's website and had a gift card with some $ on it, so bought one there. Gonna see how the stock 85/15 S pickups sound with the upgraded wiring before I think about switching out the pickups.
Quick follow-up. In the event I do upgrade the pickups, I'd like to upgrade them to the Core 85/15 TCI pickups that come with Core Custom 24s. I still have some $ left on a GC gift card, and I see that GC sells these - they only come in the black uncovered version, as far as I can tell. Anybody know if these will fit a 2023 PRS S2 Standard 22? Or will it require any routing or adjustments to the pickguard?