Silver Sky SE - Replacement pickguard and pickup covers

Mind Flayer

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Apr 25, 2018
I have a Moon White Silver Sky SE, which is really a fantastic player. About the only things I dislike about it are the bright white pickguard and pickup covers, so I'm thinking about replacing them.

1. Anybody have any good experiences getting replacement pickguards that will fit the Silver Sky SE? I'm looking to go with either parchment or mint green.

2. If I'm going to be going with a not-so-bright pickguard, I'll want to get pickup covers that also aren't so bright white. I read somewhere that on the "Core" Silver Sky, the pickup covers are mounted to the pickup in such a way that you can screw up the pickups if you remove the covers. Is that true on the Silver Sky SE pickups? And if not, anybody know of a good source for replacement pickup covers that will fit? I'm not sure if regular strat pickup covers will work. I actually like the sound of the stock pickups, so I'd like to keep them in if possible.
There are some on Ebay , I put one one an SE I worked on fit great good quality
No problem removing the pickup covers. They're not glued on or anything.

Unsure about after market covers fitting tho. They might not.

SE SS pickups are not exactly the same size as Fender Strat pickups.

I had to sand the three pickup openings larger in the stock pickguard to get Strat size pickups to fit.

They're close. But not exact.
I purchased a parchment replacement pickguard from this seller on Reverb. Both the pickguard and matching back plate were great quality. Since I bought my pickguard he's added pickup covers as well:

I have an aged pearloid guard n backplate coming from them on Friday
The eBay Silver Sky Mod Shop is the same vendor as the Reverb one posted above. Just comes down to which account you have / which site you prefer.
Thanks. Seems like there are a lot of great pickguard options.

But I'm still unsure on the pickup covers. I had some spare Fender ones laying around and when I lined them up with the ones on my Silver Sky SE, the magnet holes did not appear to match.

The Silver Sky mod shop on ebay appears to have a pickguard and pickup cover set, but the pickup covers are a little to dark of a cream for me.

Frankencat, yours looks great -- did you have to special order those pickup covers? Or are those the stock covers?