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    Custom 24 nitro refin: what happens with the serial number and the logo?

    Sup guys. Recently I opened a post about changing the pickups of my CU24 (Its a 2007). Im also thinking about getting a good refinish, probably a nice nitro aged Goldtop. The guitar is all black with a quilted maple top... a couple of questions: 1) Would it be "fine" to just refin the top...
  2. R

    PRS Gold Top Query

    Can anyone weigh in on this Gold Top. Is this a legit USA PRS ? Only seen the S2 and SE in all gold. The machine heads look cheap and the serial looks suspect. I think the serial translates to early 90s which does correspond however...
  3. P

    Question about serial number in Custom 24 Gold Top

    Hello, I am about to buy a Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Gold Top made in 2011. I attach here the certificate of authenticity. Everything seems to be ok with the guitar as far as I can see in the photos. The issue is that is does not have a readable serial number. According to the owner, everything...