1. shimmilou

    Not trash ;)

    2022 Santana Retro, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst, TCI tuned Santana neck pup, TCI tuned 58/15 bridge pup, absolutely amazing!
  2. GuitarJammin

    NGD-Ok...I'm gunna find out if Sergio is right and if all my other guitars are trash.

    For a while now I've been browsing and browsing for a Santana. It's probably been over a year. I haven't really played a Santana, I picked up an SE Santana at a local shop years ago and put it back up after 15 sec with it...unplugged. I've been hearing from others that they bring something...
  3. P

    It would be cool if PRS made...

    ... something like a cross between the McCarty Thinline and the Santana. Thin mahogany slab, probably McCarty 594 scale. (Though maybe 24.5 - is there enough difference in that less-than-a-tenth-of-an-inch to hear?) But in the Santana doublecut body which (don't tell anybody) owes a bit to the...
  4. matonanjin

    Row 13 Middle Section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Santana!!!!!!!!!!! Row 13 Middle Section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Julian

    PRS Mira vs Santana Body Shapes

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was a difference between the PRS Mira and Santana bodies. I know the Mira has a longer scale length and the Santana has a carved top, but I was wondering whether or not the double cuts are of the same length.
  6. P

    Pickup Decisions…HELP!

    Trying to pin down a good upgrade set of pickups for my daily driver. she’s a 2002 Santana SE All mahogany body/neck Rosewood fretboard Stoptail Bridge Tuning : she lives in E Standard & Drop D 40/60 of the time, for all playing styles. I never tune it below Drop D, as I have a Strat that lives...
  7. Utkarsh

    NGD and Unboxing: 50th Anniversary Abraxas SE Santana

    Yes I promise this will be the last one for a while. Picked this up after thinking I won't be able to get my hands on one, as my friend, the Indonesian dealer, had all of his domestic allocation sell out in less than an hour. But I could find one in Singapore luckily. Quite interestingly...
  8. Going Modal

    NuGD incoming - UPDATED: It's here!

    It just shipped, and will take the better part of a week to get from one corner of the 'States to the other, but... ----- Update: 7/27/2021--It's here!!! Pics added further down the thread...
  9. G

    Upgraded SE Santana good buy?

    I found a used Sananta (older model I believe). Looks in good condition, I don't think it originally had coil split, but it was upgraded to have it, and with Dragon 2 pickups, coil split, and tuners. Asking, the equivalent, of $620 USD. Keep in mind, things a generally a little more pricey...
  10. M

    Can someone clarify a question about TCI pickups in Santana core?

    Hi ho all, So, I am looking at picking up a 2019 Santana Retro with the 58/15 & Santana Bridge/Neck config respectively. She was built in early January of 2020 according to the tag, but the headstock has her pegged as a 19. Were the pickups in this model TCI tweaked or no? Just want to get my...
  11. Wakester

    N(U)GD! an Oldie and a keeper.

    So, we were out delivering a Christmas tree to my daughter 2 hours away from home, when I decided to swing into a music shop that I had never been to before. After performing the necessary Pre Entry Covid precautions. I scanned the walls for something interesting, something PRS. And, what to my...
  12. Axis39

    NP(ickups)D for my SE Santana

    So, I bought the Santana as a replacement for my 2015 double cut LP Special P-90. I particularly loved the pickups in the Gibby, but the neck was just too shallow for me to really enjoy for long gigs. I stumbled across the 2017 SE Santana... and have truly fallen in love with the guitar's...
  13. Woggers

    Core Santana - What’s the deal?

    I’ve noticed a few of you veterans around here are big fans of the classic double cut core Santana guitars. I’ve never had the pleasure to try one myself, or even see one. So I’m wondering, what is it about these guitars that you guys love so much? How do they compare to a core custom 24? What...
  14. Wakester

    You want how much for that??!!??

    Some one posted this on FB. I had to check to make sure it was a legit ad on reverb. PRS Santana - Pre-Production 1979 - Cherry Sunburst...
  15. J

    1992 Santana Tri Color 'Rasta' Flag Custom 24

    Anyone have information on this rare guitar? I've heard a few things that only a handful were made for Santana himself and he kept two and the rest were released to the public. Not a lot of information on these guitars. I've read they made 6, I also read they made 10. One story goes Santana...
  16. shinksma

    MIra with Maple Top vs Santana

    I've seen the occasional Mira with a maple cap up for sale on Reverb - just spotted another recent listing, which fired some neurons that triggers the question: Sonically, what differences are there between the maple-capped Mira and a "typical" core Santana? I started this post thinking there...
  17. Leon

    My PRS addiction is complete :)

    Haven't been visiting this forum in a while - got me 3 PRS guitars (one is not pictured, an S2 22 that I've put a Lindy Fralin set into, my workhorse) in the past 6 months and I feel my addiction is finally sated. So, if I get a band/project/session that brings some more coin to the table...
  18. hammeron

    Age takes its toll

    Ok, to start off with, I'm 66, and determined not to go out quietly. This Oct I found my perfect guitar: a splendidly faded blue jean CU22 with natural back (ebony board to boot). At least I thought it was the perfect guitar. A couple of months ago I started noticing the thumb side of my left...
  19. matonanjin

    How is the Santana Retro different from previous Santana models?

    The title explains it. As I understand it, or I saw it somewhere, the Santana Retro is somewhat different from previous Santana models. I have often professed my confusion here. I tried a Santana at Chicago Music Exchange and the neck somewhat shocked me. Then I tried one somewhat later and...
  20. needsmoresklll

    SE Locking Tuners - hardware issue

    My SE locking tuners finally arrived and I installed them today, only running into 1 minor issue. The supplied screws are too small (diameter, not length) for my 2017 MIK SE Santana. Maybe not an issue for guitars from Indonesia? I was able to just reuse the ones that came out of the stock...