1. shinksma

    MIra with Maple Top vs Santana

    I've seen the occasional Mira with a maple cap up for sale on Reverb - just spotted another recent listing, which fired some neurons that triggers the question: Sonically, what differences are there between the maple-capped Mira and a "typical" core Santana? I started this post thinking there...
  2. Leon

    My PRS addiction is complete :)

    Haven't been visiting this forum in a while - got me 3 PRS guitars (one is not pictured, an S2 22 that I've put a Lindy Fralin set into, my workhorse) in the past 6 months and I feel my addiction is finally sated. So, if I get a band/project/session that brings some more coin to the table...
  3. hammeron

    Age takes its toll

    Ok, to start off with, I'm 66, and determined not to go out quietly. This Oct I found my perfect guitar: a splendidly faded blue jean CU22 with natural back (ebony board to boot). At least I thought it was the perfect guitar. A couple of months ago I started noticing the thumb side of my left...
  4. matonanjin

    How is the Santana Retro different from previous Santana models?

    The title explains it. As I understand it, or I saw it somewhere, the Santana Retro is somewhat different from previous Santana models. I have often professed my confusion here. I tried a Santana at Chicago Music Exchange and the neck somewhat shocked me. Then I tried one somewhat later and...
  5. needsmoresklll

    SE Locking Tuners - hardware issue

    My SE locking tuners finally arrived and I installed them today, only running into 1 minor issue. The supplied screws are too small (diameter, not length) for my 2017 MIK SE Santana. Maybe not an issue for guitars from Indonesia? I was able to just reuse the ones that came out of the stock...
  6. vami

    DGT, Santana, 513, McCarty RW - What Next?

    Hello fellow Birds & Moons, I am a rather newbie to fantastic PRS world, coming primarily from Les Paul land. Have recently acquired these aforementioned beauties and want to go for next one, I'm in splits about buying a Custom 24 especially so as I have never played owned or seriously...
  7. matonanjin

    Santana on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

    Late notice, I know. Sorry. But Santana is the musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight.
  8. J

    snoozin’, losin’

  9. HNSFury

    Santana on a Custom 24 - 1989

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but I've never seen Carlos playing a Custom 24 (Assuming that the guitars in question here are a 25" scale of course). Enjoy!
  10. phaedrus242

    Santana Hollowbody?

    Hey all. Curious if anyone here has any experience with a Santana Hollowbody? Found a PS model online that seems to tick all the boxes for me - hollow, 24 frets and a trem being the chief motivators. Unfortunately the guitar is across the country from me and they seem to be quite rare, so the...
  11. B

    Korina - McCarty vs Santana - differences in tone?

    I've never been a PRS guy. I always thought that they were over-priced, esp. 10-tops (as compared to other manufacturers). But you know, a decade or two, and needs can change opinions. Used prices are absolutely reasonable, in fact *surprisingly* so. So, working on a cover band situation...
  12. S

    Santana no. 84

    I have in my possession, no. 84 of the very first 100 PRS Santana's. Excellent condition, all the paperwork and case etc. Does anybody have any idea what it's worth? I know PRS kept no 1 and Santana has no. 2.
  13. MichaelS

    Any info on Production Volumes by Model? Especially Santana?

    Closest number on volumes I can derive are from serial numbers or interview statements. Hearing around 1,000 per month these days to 15K per year. But how many by model? I would think the vast majority are Custom 24s. What about the signature models? Especially Santanas by each version or by...
  14. CatStrangler

    What do you think of this top?

    Not really a prototypical PS top, but I am strangely drawn to it. Do you like it? What do you like about it?
  15. M

    Looking for my first PRS is it real?

    Always wanted a PRS and have a chance to trade for a gibson lp. I don't know enough to be sure if its real and what the value is. Can anyone help? Would love to own one. Appreciate the help! Claims to have the original receipt and it is a PRS Santana 25th anniversary...
  16. R

    Black Magic Woman

    Hi guys, this is my take on this amazing track, comments are welcome Cheers
  17. J

    SE Marsden vs SE Santana necks?

    I've been comparing my SE guitars and noticed (or thought I did) that the neck on my Bernie Marsden is fatter than my Santana. I looked it up and they are both supposed to be the same profile, scale, frets. Is it just my imagination?
  18. iec

    Brightening Santana III sound with SD Slash set?

    Hi, I have a Santana III and I absolutely like the looks, feel and the playability of the guitar. The pickup sound is quite ok, but for me it seems to be perhaps a bit too dark and perhaps a bit too muddy at the bass strings. I've tried to adjust the pickup heights and pole pieces and now I'm...
  19. T

    New to PRS, just got a SE Santana with a rather odd neck

    A couple of months ago I discovered Santana and the moment I heard Black Magic Woman, I was like "Woah, that's some good music" fast forward to 3 moths ago I discovered PRS though a friend and to my amazement I found out that Carlos Santana plays a Paul Reed Smith. I of course get excited and...