N(U)GD! an Oldie and a keeper.


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Jan 2, 2018
south western New York
So, we were out delivering a Christmas tree to my daughter 2 hours away from home, when I decided to swing into a music shop that I had never been to before. After performing the necessary Pre Entry Covid precautions. I scanned the walls for something interesting, something PRS. And, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a Used 2001 SE in decent enough shape that it required a closer look.

I had to touch it, I had to hear it, I had to Has It, My Precious! Gollum.

The dealer brought it down and and let me see, then he plugged it in and let me hear. It wasn't was I was looking for, but I liked it enough that I had to buy it. The wife never even flinched when I said "I'll take it, does it come with a case?"

So, without further ado, here is my new Blue named after you know who:






Obviously, it is a bit dirty, and the strings need to go, but I will have that fixed in a few hours. I will say this is the lightest SE I have in my stables now. That may be why the wife didn't say no. (she wants to learn to play, but has neck problems so lighter is better.)
Spent the last 2 hours cleaning, polishing and setting up the newbie. Overall the guitar is in very good condition, with minimal fret wear at B & E F2 and F3. Very minimal surface scratching between the pups on the floor side of the body. No scratching or buckle rash on the back. The Neck is straight and flat with no dead spots on any string. It appears as though all electronics including the pickups are original, I will need to adjust those once I set out to dial those in. Tuners and other assorted hardware are original in very good condition.

Overall I am happy with what I paid for the guitar.

I will say, this was not what I set out to buy, as I had 2 SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollows in my watch list that I was considering. Maybe in a year I will get one and give the Santana to my wife. (She already thinks it's Ours)
Oh, I should mention that the case will need to stay out on the porch to deodorize for awhile (cigarette smoke). The side carry handle will need some love, once it comes in, as it seems to be falling apart.
I've played the 2001 Santana, and I've found the pickups to be very satisfactory. The fact that the guitar is blue means that it's even better!
I've been running it through my Boss GT-6, and am pleased that it works so well with so many of the patches, from Clean to Super Heavy Metal.

to paraphrase Doug Marcaida from Forged in Fire, 'This Guitar Will Play'
All cleaned, polished and set up. Ernie Ball Paradigm 9-42 Super Slinky's onboard. Initial impression is positive with a few minor details that will be cleared up shortly. The Nut will have to go, due to the usual complaint.:rolleyes: The pots and switch set will be replaced with a J.E.L. Custom harness, as the Tone Pot is a bit wonky, and I trust Rand to build me an excellent harness. Beyond that, I am super happy with this piece of PRS history. here are some fresh and clean pics for those that like blue guitars. For those that don't, just pretend it's black, (it's hard to tell in some pictures).