Can someone clarify a question about TCI pickups in Santana core?


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May 10, 2021
Hi ho all,

So, I am looking at picking up a 2019 Santana Retro with the 58/15 & Santana Bridge/Neck config respectively. She was built in early January of 2020 according to the tag, but the headstock has her pegged as a 19. Were the pickups in this model TCI tweaked or no? Just want to get my facts straight before I sell a kidney for her.

Sounds like a question for Customer Service. I don’t know if they know every guitar’s specifics, but they were able to tell me the details about my ’18 Paul’s Guitar with TCI pickups.
Thanks- I will hit hit them up with the question. I love this company, but they can be both cryptic anc byzantine with product deets
Yeah, it's hard to say when the Santana made the transition. It started with the 594s in late October, or early November of 2019. The rest of the line was phased in over the next several months.