Where's the best place to sell a used PRS (other than Reverb/eBay)?

I can +1 this. They'll quote you up front, tell you exactly what they'll turn around and sell it for. When they get your guitar (if you're shipping to them), they will inspect and then give you exactly what they quoted up front. I've sold a bunch of stuff to them. They're going rate is 70% of what they will sell it for.

Good info... Just submitted everything for my PS #3881 Exp 2012 blue 408-ish guitar to them. Interested to see what offer they make versus the ballpark figure I submitted. Don't think it's worth a reverb roulette for this one.
Historically I've done very well using Craigslist, but in recent years I've been doing very well through Facebook Marketplace. Facebook itself, not so much. I keep getting banned for posting factually correct information or personal opinions which the Ministry of Truth frowns upon.

My most recent transactions were me buying a radial arm saw that was made in 1974, me selling my 2013 F150 for $17,000.00 and me buying an extraordinarily large and expensive safe from a guy three states away.
Anyone who wants to can go to my site, theuncommonguitarforum.com, and sell for free.

The site wlll only be up til the end of the month (I'm getting serious about not spending so much time online), but anyone who wants to can sign up and post a for sale ad. I have an approval thing only to prevent spam. But you'll get approved, no worries.

We don't get much traffic. BUT IT'S FREE! So why not give it a go? I sure would.

Looks like 'verb roulette...
Thanks for the advice and recommendations. CME wasn't looking for one at the moment.
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