408 Pickups


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Sep 16, 2023
Hey y’all, i’ve never posted here but I’ve been loving my 408 for almost 10 years and even have a second one but I’ve always thought about putting those pickups/switching in another guitar just to see. I was wondering if anyone here had done that(or even switched out the pickups on their 408). I’ve never seen those pickups for sale on reverb but if anyone knows where people are selling them if anywhere id also love to know!

Hopefully i posted this in the right place, hope you’re all having a great day
Since no other pickups fit in the space the 408s do , I don't think folks swap them out at least I have never heard of anyone doing it.
Love my 408 :)
I put a Paul’s guitar bridge pickup in an SE One (highly inspired by Hans).

I know he did a wide 408 in one as well. Then there’s the 408 Studio PS that a forum member has (sorry I can’t think of who it is).

Plus there’s the Brushstroke 24 that has narrow 408’s in a 24 fretter. So there’s that one that would be different.

I think a Hollowbody 408 would be cool. John Mann gave one like that away during his annual raffle one year.
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