What is 1 piece of gear you regret letting go of that is too expensive to replace now?

‘70s Twin Reverb
‘69 Gibson ES125 Cherry Sunburst modified with ‘70s era Les Paul pups, nicer bridge, under bridge bracing and feedback cutting internal padding. (That was a NICE guitar)
My old 1959 Les Paul burst, but not because it was a great Lp. It was a good guitar
:confused:. FWIW, my core PRS’s are much finer instruments..
If I had it now and sold it, I could probably buy 20 to 30 Private Stock Guitars:p:eek::cool::p
But I’d have no place to put them…
life is good….
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I regret letting go of the Harmony H-71 that I bought for $45 at a yard sale. I spent many hours and a little cash restoring it. I know Harmony is synonymous with the cheap japanese guitars found in the Sears Catalog, but this one was sort of rare. It was one of the last ones made in the US in 1972 before everything was sent over to Japan and Korea. When I bought it the finish was hazy, checked, and with just a little bit of spray paint cast off on it. The pickups still worked, but the pots were scratchy as all heck. I paid a local shop to rewire and re-pot the thing. I cleaned it, buffed it and played it from time to time. It was a really cool semi-hollow jazz guitar like a 335. Silly me traded it for a 2006 Squier Standard Fat Strat at a GC. A few weeks later I found out the H-72 sold to a collector for over $900 and now they go for well over a grand depending on condition. If only I had held on to that one just a bit longer, and knew collectors paid more than GC does. Harmony recently re-issued the H-72 and are selling them at just under 700. I don't like the looks of the new one though. they changed the headstock from the Gibson 3x3 to a Fender inline 6, and re arranged the way the F-Hole looks. It is quite hard finding the old ones out there. If I do see one I may have to snag it.
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I don't know about too expensive to replace but being replaceable at all for me due to availability brings a few things to mind I regret selling.

Dean Dimebag Dean From Hell #89. It was unplayed, signed, etc.
Mesa Dual Rec pre 500 serial #
Bogner 100B XTC
Bogner Überschall Original Green
Diezel Blue Face VH4
Having recently replaced one I regretted, I am feeling pretty good. But I did sell an amp that I can’t replace and regret that. It was a Soldano/Caswell X99 with a 4-space all-tube Soldano 100 watt rack power amp. I got a good price compared to what it cost me, but you couldn’t touch it for that now.

On the other hand, I do have two Brazilian rosewood necked 513s. You remind me that I probably shouldn’t sell them.

Time to get the stickers out!;)
A 30th Anniversary Dean Flying V model in Translucent Charcoal Flame Maple with 30th Anniversary pickup covers. I bought it new so it came with a HSC & case candy too. More recently I tried to make up for having foolishly parted ways with it by buying another new Dean V.

This is the new one (below) but I still wish I had the old one too.

I sold a couple of Telecasters and a Strat that I at one point wished that I hadn't sold. Well, I replaced all three of them and it cost me a good bit more than I got for the ones I sold. So, I guess I don't exactly fit the question since I paid the piper and did replace them. I replaced them with guitars I think actually a little better, which is why I decided to spend the money and do it.
Can't do 1, must go with 3.

1. Fender '75' tube amp. What a killer amp. I STILL don't need a 75W tube amp, but wish I still had.
2. Peavey T-40, SN 0000-0000 (I do have first right of refusal if the guy I sold it to decided to part with it)
3. Akai Deep Impact. Just so I could sell it again for a much larger profit than the first time. Great unit, but not my style of bassin'.
I've bought and sold a ton of guitars over the last 10 or 12 years. I can say that some of them I regretted initially, but those pains have passed. Back in the days that I could only afford to have one guitar, and would have to trade one in to get another one, is the only thing that comes to mind. That would be a first year EBMM EVH quilt in Hot Pink.
Well, if we're allowed to go WAY back, I sold a Les Paul Custom for about $400...

But more recently, a Mark V that I probably should have kept... Sold under $1300 and now all the ones I've seen are at least 50% more than that. For what I sold it for, when I didn't need the money, it was stupid to sell that cheap. And it had lots of really good tones. I would not pay $2K for a used one now, but for what I had in that one, I should have kept it.